Five exotically green beach homes for nature loving individuals

With increasing awareness about environment, people nowadays are focusing more on changing their lifestyles to become eco friendly in every possible way. To capitalize on the same and save the environment, architects from around the world too are coming up with neat solutions for sustainable architecture by incorporating green elements into their creations. For nature loving individuals, nothing could be better than living inside a green abode that lets you enjoy the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature. If the idea of living in a green home on a beautiful beach has always fantasized you, here we have a list of five exotic green beach homes for nature lovers.

Eco friendly beach house in Rehoboth

Claudia Wiegand and Mark Kurth, who have owned and rented the Rehobath getaways for over 30 years, have succeeded in building a beautiful, modern yet simple environmentally friendly home of their dreams. They have constructed the eco house 32 feet above sea level. The contemporary house covers an area of 4,000 square feet using tremendous amount of eco friendly materials, thus saving energy and contributing towards reducing the carbon impact on the atmosphere. The entire cost of constructing the three story building is about $1 million. Getting rid of the familiar environment of the beaches the new home is elegantly designed with no seashore kitsch, but just a soothing view of the sea waves and beach plantations. Although their eco friendly beach home does not appear like a conventional beach house but consist of all sorts of modern amenities required to live comfortably. The house has a wide expanse for organizing parties and other similar events. The couple along with the construction team strived for long to find the most stylish but sophisticated green materials to make their dream home as environment friendly as possible. The sustainable dwelling utilizes the sun during winters giving natural warmth to the residents and providing the necessary shade during summers.

Eco Friendly Beach House in Costa Rica

The house pictured above is built for ISEAMI institute (Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind and investigation) by the Robles Architects. The sustainable beach house is located in Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica, which embodies about 5% of the world’s biodiversity. The ISEAMI institute structure teaches and helps in increasing the awareness of its occupants about sustainable living. The beach house serves as a multifunctional area with two levels. The first level hosts activities like meditation, investigation, training, Yoga and joy. The second level is habited by the institute director. Since the beach is located away from the town, there is no supply of grid electricity or even water. Therefore, the water from the forest is transported to the house by natural portable means. This water is also used for generating electricity by using 2 low impact hydroelectric generators producing 800KWH electricity. Moreover, 10.800 KWH of electricity is produced by solar panels integrated on the roof. The 100% self-sufficient house is build by analyzing the site, green materials, climate, energy, water, environment, atmosphere etc. that minimize any negative impacts on the environment.

Redondo Eco Friendly Beach House

Redondo Beach House pictured above is the first in the line of homes designed by the Manhattan Beach-based design studio, DeMaria Design’s “packaged architecture” called the Logical Homes. This house is built by grouping together traditional building materials and prefabricated shipping containers.It utilizes eight shipping containers of different sizes joined together by employing regular construction methods. The wood and steel frames make living spaces including an artist’s studio, bedrooms and wide spaces with 20 foot ceilings, whereas the metal frame containers make the service areas. A swimming pool is smartly designed by making use of one of the containers. The prefabricated beach house built from recycled shipping containers eliminates building wastes in great amounts. The green home is termite and fire proof and free from all forms of fungus. Natural ventilation, prefabricated metal roof panels, formaldehyde-free plywood, multi-skinned acrylic sheets are some of the sustainable characteristics of the modern green house.

Truro Residence

Zero Energy Design has fabricated a fabulous green beach house called the Truro Residence, located in Cape Cod. The highly spacious house is divided into two portions. The first part is called the bar life, which includes the living area, dining area and the master bed room. The second part is called the bar sleep and includes many bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is designed in a way that allows perfect view of the sunset. Geothermal systems are used for space heating. The house is equipped with energy efficient appliances and lighting system. Solar rays are harnessed for obtaining cleaner and greener energy. The interior flooring is done with slate and bamboo, which is bonded with a non toxic glue.

Eco friendly Beach House by Guz Wilkinson

Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects, a Singapore firm that specializes in eco-friendly tropical homes constructed the above pictured beautiful beach house for Stephen Fisher, a banker with J. P. Morgan. The sophisticated design includes two pavilions made of wood and glass. One of them is used as a living area and the other for sleeping purposes. Both of them are linked by a floating bamboo walkway that encompasses an infinity pool facing the ocean. Solar panels are integrated on the roof top for generating around one-third of the electricity consumed in the house. Natural cooling effect is produced by the grass plantations over the roof top. Sliding glass panels can be opened for natural ventilation and light. The house also features bamboo flooring and minimum interior décor. The entire cost of the green construction is $1.8 million.

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