Evidence suggests that solar power is better than wind power

Both solar and wind energy are two types of renewable energies which can help in keeping the environment cleaner. Random and incessant uses of non-renewable energies have deteriorated the environment of the earth leading to the collapse of several ecological systems. As a result, problems such as global warming, lack of drinkable water and holes in the ozone layer are now plaguing the human world.

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Governments across the world are trying to popularize solar and wind power for countering the effects of environmental pollution question remains as to which type of renewable energy is most beneficial for us. In the following, solar and wind energies have been compared for finding some answers.

Comparison of benefits

Solar Power Plant and Wind Farm

Solar energy is used for generating electricity for powering households and heating water. The production of solar energy does not cause air or water pollution. Wind energy is also used for producing electricity. In 2010, 2% of USA’s total electricity requirement was met by wind turbines. The problem with wind turbines is that they are not good for individual household use. Small wind turbines are incapable of meeting the electricity needs of single households.

Citizens cannot afford to install bigger and costlier wind turbines. Solar panels are easier to install and if your roofs get sufficient sun light then you can use them on the roof top with ease. Solar panels can also be used in the backyard. Wind turbines are bulky and bigger. Most small houses cannot install them due to lack of space.

The price you pay

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If you are planning to use solar energy in your home, you will need rows of solar panels. Only several rows of solar panels can generate sufficient amount of electricity for your household requirements. Installing a powerful wind turbine will also be a costly affair. The number of solar panels will depend on the climate and geographical location of your home. The cost of both can amount to anything between $10,000 and $20,000. Solar panels are more cost effective than wind turbines.

Comparison between efficiency

 Best Use of solar power at home

Solar panels will produce electricity optimally if they are strategically placed to capture sunrays throughout the day. It is more difficult to guarantee a continuous strong flow of wind than the availability of sunlight. If the wind is weak, then the capacity of wind turbine will get wasted. Solar panels do not work at night and wind turbines work better at night.

Maintenance issues

 rooftop solar panel

Solar panels are resistant to lightning and storm. However, they have to be cleaned regularly to effectively catch sunrays. Wind turbines do not require much maintenance as they do not have too many moving elements.


Solar panels are considered superior for household use due to various reasons. Solar panels are less costly and more compatible with local climate than wind turbines.

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