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Environmentally friendly concept house for two

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Technological advancements have brought multiple changes to our lives. As the technological innovations make their way into our lives, these gradually become indispensable to our existence. The concept of a home that tries to incorporate elements of sustainable architecture holds the promise of gradually becoming a part of the mainstream. The Smart Home concept, by Vladimir Paripovic, is along similar lines.


The Contours of the concept

The Smart Home concept envisages the use of solar power to meet the energy requirements. The concept is very close to reality in its use of technology that already exists. The layout sets the number of levels to ten. The facilities on each floor serve a different purpose. These are segregated but serve the collective purpose of bringing comfort to those residing in the house. The house has been so designed to meet the needs of a couple, in a bid to offer a place to which they can retreat post a day of hectic activity in their busy professional lives. The floors house a garage, garden, kitchen, study, living room, bedroom, sauna and swimming pool at different levels.

The facade carries a green color, perhaps to emphasize on the environment friendly nature of the concept. Other colors can be opted for as per the client’s preference. The reinforced concrete strengthens the structure. It is the use of bioplastic in the support structures of various elements in the house that serves as an interesting deviation from the routine. The use of ceramics further guards the house against the impact of chemicals and heat.

An attempt at self sustenance

Curved plate safety glass ensures that the radiations from the sun do not increase the temperature of the interiors beyond the normal. Solar panels put in place around the house utilize the solar energy to save on energy usage from other resources. The efficiency of the photo-voltaic cells is twelve percent.

Gas filters have been provided for to clear the air of any traces of Carbon Monoxide and other toxic gases. The emphasis on judicious use of water is meant to save water by as much as sixty percent. There is an attempt to reuse the waste water to the extent possible. The water treatment facility provides safe, drinkable water post a multi-step procedure wherein each step accomplishes a specific purpose. Heavy metals, toxic substances, microorganisms and dirt are thus removed.

The use of titanium dioxide in construction continues to be promoted for its properties that clean the surrounding air and the construction elements it is used in. The Smart Home concept finds use for the material in glass. The layers of titanium dioxide, covered with nitrogen in some form, in the multi-layered glass bestows on these the property of self cleaning.

The Smart Home concept tries to incorporate several aspects of technological advancements to blend the elements of sustainable architecture into a kind of self sustaining unit. Resources are used judiciously without making any attempt to let go of the comforts one is used to.

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