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Fire Knight Fire Fighting Vehicle: Putting out wildfires without water

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The Fire Knight Fire Fighting Vehicle is an amazing emergency vehicle that has been conceptualized and designed by Hakan Gürsu that would be used to combat the unpredictable wildfires or forest fires that happen in the torrid summers in the North Hemispheres. These fires tend to sweep across rapidly and cause widespread destruction and owing to this, they are very tough to extinguish quickly. There are various backup facilities that are required to combat these fires such as a considerable number of manpower as well as airplanes for freezing the fire and bringing the situation under control. These backup techniques along with other traditional methods of combating fire are used, but still the job is very difficult and requires a lot of time apart from being very expensive.

Fire Knight Fire Fighting Vehicle

A lot of heavy and expensive equipment is required for battling with the wildfires such as fire rescue trucks, ATVs, foam pumps, fire pumps, wild land fire engines, pressure pumps and so on. However, considerable methods have been devised for making meteorological predictions regarding such fires and the risk assessment of the same. With a lot being done to bring wildfires under control, the world is yet to see any dynamic fire fighting technique in which extinguishing fires would be done in record time, without the need of such elaborate equipment and manpower. A lot of the reason for wildfires has to be attributed to the greenhouse effect that has led to global warming.

The global scenario with respect to wildfires has led to the need for more effective measures to be taken regarding fire fighting, particularly a dynamic fire fighting vehicle. The Fire Knight is precisely the multipurpose firefighting vehicle that can be used to fight the fire without the need of water, thereby working to save on water. The movement of the Fire Knight will also be beneficial for the soil, as the wheels of this vehicle will efficiently mix the soil and thereby lead to enrichment in the vegetation.

This vehicle will use the sand blasting method for putting out the fire along with a chip removal technique where the fire is at full blaze. Hence, there is no need of razing down the trees for bringing the Fire Knight to the location for action as its sand blasting method will instantly cool the site. The outer structure of this vehicle is made out of materials that are fireproof by using the most durable composites and metals. The Fire Knight is a green fire fighting and an Eco-friendly vehicle that does not use water in its operation and only requires soil for putting out these massive fires.

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