Enviroment groups to raise greater awareness of UAE’s ecology

UAE: Emerging as the “green” country


Recognizing the need to introduce and supervise the enforcement of the eco-friendly methods in the routine lives of the general public, many countries have taken necessary measures to tackle the problem of increasing green house effect and spread the awareness among the citizens of various age groups. It is a known fact that the issue of global warming is quite huge and cannot be solved with the measure adaptation of one or two people; it would certainly require the contribution from each and every individual surviving on this planet in order to save the environment from getting depleted by any more amounts.

UAE, being one of the most recognized countries for its efforts to spread the awareness about the environment as well as the necessity and measures to save it from getting destroyed has initiated various programmes as different levels that help to educate each sector of people in the country regarding the same and thus inspire them to work for the welfare of the environment. From children and households to media and other business houses, the programmes have been designed in such a manner that they reach each and every group, thus creating a green and healthy country. Stated below are some of the programmes that have been designed by the various non profit organizations (NGOs) working with the ecology in the premises of Abu Dhabi:


Programmes for General public

There are some of the general programmes that have been in force from last few years and have been stirring people to work for the welfare of the environment. A campaign organized by the electricity and wildlife officials in the provinces enlighten the people regarding the simple tips that could be easily adopted in by the people in their routine lives in order to save the energy consumption in the households. Another campaign highlights the effect of marine life on the lifestyle of people residing in the surroundings and thus instigates them to clean up the beaches to dispose off the trash and other places rather than making the marine life impure.

Also, June 3 is celebrated as the Paper Less Day every year in the country where people are motivated to restrict the use of paper unnecessarily.

Programmes for children

The methods have been adopted to make the children aware about their environment and the need to save it during their school period only so that they take the interest and contribute in preserving the planet as well. To make the children thoughtful in the same regards, an annual competition is organized in all the schools and institutes where students are given a forum to fill in with their personal opinions about the feasible methods that can be enforced in order to save the environment from getting depleted. Also, the efforts are made to introduce the environmental factors in all the subjects of the students that are being taught to them so that they provide proper attention to the issue as it would form a part of their curriculum.


Programmes for Media

Media plays a very imperative role in spreading the word among the public and consequently influencing their minds to mend their activities accordingly. Thus, a tour is organized timely for the reporters and photographers of various news houses where they are taken to the remote areas of the provinces in order to expand their knowledge about the environmental conditions of Abu Dhabi and hence guide the public about the same in a more convincing manner through their channels and papers.

The well structured programmes take into consideration each and every group of the population and thus aim to have a complete force of people who work in harmony towards the common objective of having a green country and thus a safer planet.


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