Energy from waste demonstrator plant expected to cost £13m

The Energy Technology Institute, UK, just recently announced its intentions to build a next generation energy plant that will demonstrate how typical waste can be converted into electricity and heat. The estimated cost of the project is likely to stand around £13 million (around $20.6726 million). ETI presumes bioenergy to be a major component of the future energy systems and sees it as a potential source of affordable, clean and most importantly reliable energy.

ETI seeks partners for £13 million Energy from Waste demonstrator plant

The Energy Technology Institute is the outcome of a partnership between the Government of UK and the global industries, who collectively aspire to accelerate the development of affordable and clean technologies that will help UK to work up to its legally binding climate change target by 2050. These targets include meeting 15 percent energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 and reducing 80 percent greenhouse emissions by 2050.

The institute has already completed research and analysis on the existing models of producing energy from waste, including commercial, industrial and municipal waste. This study also hints that reciprocating engines or turbines would be best suited for gasification of waste, gas cleanup and subsequent combustion for producing clean energy. This model can operate at a net efficiency of 25 percent, much more than the existing performance capacity.

Not only will this project deal with the increasing energy demands of the future, but will also do away with the lack of availability of space for stabling landfills.

Via: Etinews

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