Electric fins and inflatable paddleboards

Unbelievable to hear yet true, this amazing electronic machine is a universal electric conversion kit for stand up paddleboards, long boards and Kayaks. This electric motor can be installed in less than a minute and has a highly efficient battery that propels you for almost six hours on a single charge.


It comes with zero emission and is perfect partner for personal water sports boards and kayaks. Inflatable paddleboards are planned in a way that they become a perfect companion to the electric powered fins. It is designed to give you pure fun and easy electrical conversion while enjoying your favorite water sport.

The ElectraFin proves to be a best alternative for the conventional long board fin.

To have a great experience all you need to do is to unscrew the traditional fin and screw in the new ElectraFin instead. With this ElectraFin installed on your board, you can have fun on the waves, which you can only get through SUPers.


Another excitement, the EkctraFin R is exclusively designed to replace the rudders of almost all the flat-water kayaks. It is designed to provide the users with an extra push when they feel tired and when there is a current pick up in the wind or water flow.

The all-new ElectraFin makes easy for you to fish with both hands while travelling upstream

The Current Drive’s inflatable Standup Board is designed such that it gives an equally good performance like the traditional paddle-only board.

It is loaded with the ElecraFin electric paddle motor drive system. It has a sufficiently large width of 34 inches and has a thickness of 6 inch. This paddleboard is the perfect option for first time paddlers, fishers, yoga paddle boarders and for multiple riders on the board.


These inflatable paddleboards are designed keeping in mind the comfort during travel, storage and fun on the water. It has a liner of military grade PVC that gives easy sliding against obstacles just like a traditional fiberglass board.

The inflatable quality of the paddleboards makes them so space efficient that you can 3-4 boards in a single car. You can also take the boards along with you on your flight or keep them inside your boat to explore areas that you cannot otherwise with your boat. The convenient backpack allows you comfortable water hiking, so that you could have fun with minimum physical exertion.

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