Renewable energy, the need of the day

With the ever-growing population and its craving for energy, fossil fuels are on the verge of being finished. Fossil fuels are the major source of our energy requirements for almost all day-to-day activities. The shorter supplies of natural fuels like coal and petroleum have led the world in danger also because the burning of these fuels release carbon dioxide, which is responsible for the increase in the Planet’s temperature, also called as the “Green House Effect”.


The depletion and the hiking prices of the fossil fuels have forced us to develop alternative ways to generate energy. These alternatives are nothing nut the use of renewable natural resources like wind, sunlight and water to harness energy.

They are not only cheap as compared to conventional fossil fuels but are environment friendly, as they do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere.

The use of these resources is economic and is useful in saving our utility bills. Also with the current scenario, the fossil fuels will soon cease, whereas these renewable resources can be used unlimitedly without the fear of being depleted.


The renewable energy is not only beneficial to the environment but also useful for human beings. The application of renewable resources to generate electrical energy has created several job opportunities and has brought large development everywhere.

The use of wind, tidal and hydro energy and bio fuels is increasing constantly giving rise to more employment sectors.

The advantages of using renewable natural resources are innumerable. All of us know that wind energy is the most ancient form of energy used to generate power.

However, in case of solar energy, there are several benefits and adversities associated with its use. It is a highly sustainable form of energy that can be put to a number of uses.


Energy generated from biomass is extremely safe while biofuel makes use of animal fat and vegetable oil as fuels.

Burning of fossil fuels harms the environment as well as human health; therefore, the use of renewable energy is better as compared to them. These sources and the energy thus generated are free of toxins and are provide us a cleaner and greener environment way to live.


We must keep in mind that the efficiency of renewable energy is highly dependent on the weather conditions and may not generate exactly equal amount of energy as that of fossil fuels. However, the need of the hour demands maximum use of renewable resources to save our environment and fossil fuels from depletion.

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