Eco Wiz converts your food waste to water

A Singapore startup Eco Wiz has grabbed name for an innovative food waste decomposer. The tool, dubbed Eco Wiz is meant to convert food waste to water. Owner of the company, Renee Mison, a former marketing professional, met the Korean-made food waste-to-water machine in its primitive stage and bought its rights. Eco Wiz later invested over $380,000 in research and development to improve the decomposer into a perfect water management tool.

Food Waste Into Water

As of today, her company Eco Wiz is gaining large traction with this decomposer to turn food waste to clean water, which can be used to clean floors, irrigate plants and many other purposes excluding drinking. It can now produce 267 gallons of sludge water from one ton of food waste. This way, huge quantity of food waste can be managed without moving to the landfill. In return, clean water will be supplied for irrigational purposes.

Talking to The Jakarta Globe, Mison said that in Singapore for every ton of waste a high fee needs to be paid. Clients can now save by 70 percent of their waste disposal fee if the decomposer is used individually. Eco Wiz has recently signed a deal with a Thai research firm to enhance the performance of microbes used in the decomposer to turn food waste to water. It will help the process take place quite faster and more efficiently.

The decomposer is recommended for households, hotels, restaurants, food factories, supermarkets, apartments and others. Indeed, every individual can now dispose their food waste. Being a by-product, they get sludge water to fertilize soil for vegetable gardens, lawns and others.

Via: Earth911

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