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When it comes to eco-friendly transportation, electric bikes, and hybrid cars is what usually comes to our mind. However, in this league, there’s a large variety of vehicles that we generally miss out on. These are the green SUVs, Sedans, and ATVs. Although earlier it was considered impossible to power these vehicles using electricity, with better technology, it is no longer the case. Furthermore, technologies like hydrogen power are also coming to the fore, which, if we utilize them perfectly, might even easily power the heavy-duty vehicles. In the same league of these vehicles are buggies. Here is the list of KTM AX and similar buggies, that are bringing new direction to the eco-friendly vehicle technology.


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Eco Factor: Concept vehicle run on hybrid propulsion system and four electric engines.

Students from FH Joanneum University came out with six design concepts in collaboration with KTM. One of these concepts is the KTM AX, a four-wheel concept buggy. It is worth consideration for eco-conscious geeks who like adventure as well. The concept was designed by Markus Klung and Lucas Fuchs. It’s a radical off-road vehicle that is powered by hybrid propulsion in combination with four individually steerable electric engines. The vehicle is perfect for adventure-loving people.

A high ground clearance, reinforced tires and a suspensions size generously provide fine off-road capabilities. Individual components are integrated into a lightweight space frame and a built-in rollover ensures the safety aspect for two individuals. After going through the concept it’s not hard to guess that the inspiration behind the concept is the KTM-X Bow.

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The Dark Side:

Many features like speed, backup and energy requirements for the working of electric engines is not known exactly. This makes it a bit hard to comment on the drawbacks of the concept. Even otherwise, such sporty expectations from an off-road vehicle with electric engines seem impractical.

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Via: Diseno-Art

Some more green buggies like KTM AX

1. Xtreme Buggy

Electric Bologna

The newly launched Electric Race Xtreme Buggy from the Italian car manufacturer TGS’s kitty is sure to be one of the most coveted possessions this year. The electric buggy runs at a maximum speed of 75 kmph. Moreover, although small in dimensions, 260 cm by 166 com by 160 cm, is a power-packed car. In fact, it has the capacity to house two people. The car weighs about 620 kgs inclusive of the 16 kwh battery that takes about 8 hours to charge completely. Let’s have a look at what all does this buggy offer!

The electric buggy has a continuous power of 14hp with the peak power of 28 hp. Therefore, it is apt for races since it is designed with Sparco sport bucket seats. The strength and the ability of the car can be witnessed while driving through the rough terrains that could make any driver think twice. While the buggy is small, it has big wheels that make maneuverability an easy task. The thrill associated with driving this tough mean vehicle, that offers great driving adventure besides being green, is immense.

The buggy comes in vivacious colors. It lets one be in touch with the ambiance due to its open architecture. The design of quadricycle is such that one can easily drive through rugged alleys. It assists in climbing and descending slopes due to its firm tire grip.

The fun and adventure appeal of the electric buggy is an experience every driver would like to experience himself. The smart and earthy design coupled with its mighty robust looks makes the Xtreme Buggy the most desirable eco-friendly drive this season.

2. Wind-powered Buggy by Venturi

venturi electric

It seems that Venturi wants to give some rest to the horses. These would keep on pulling you when you are enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. The company has unveiled a versatile urban transport vehicle called Venturi Electric.

This beautiful looking buggy will let you admire nature without harming it the least. It’s because it comes fully equipped with photo-voltaic solar panels and a wind turbine. If the sun is shining bright the buggy promises to keep you running for 30 miles. Furthermore, if along with the sun, the wind is also doing great then you can be lucky enough to enjoy another 10 miles on its roof-mounted wind turbine.

The vehicle is the first solar production vehicle. This makes it very special and also tells us about much practical renewable technologies that should be out soon. The only downside of this amazing vehicle is its hefty $30,000 price tag. However, for environment lovers, this should not be something that pulls them back from their nearest Venturi showroom.

3. Baja 1000 Buggy

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Eco Factor: All-electric car uses solar power for recharging.

Designed by Dong Tran, a Vietnamese-American design student in Detroit, the Baja 1000 Buggy has been designed for a green race on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The off-road vehicle will come with an ecofriendly electric engine, solar chargers and of course some weird looks too.

The car will use a radical new wheel and tire technology. The in-wheel electric brushless motors are inspired by Francis Turbines that let in surrounding air to cool the motors that might get hot during the course of the race.

The car comes with a primary hydrogen fuel cell power source, which gets complemented by a battery charged by solar cells that are infused in the body of the car. The solar cells provide continuous energy, while the racer concentrates on the track. The use of hydrogen fuel cells mean that the only thing coming out of the exhaust would be clean water that would be recycled to help hydrate the driver during the grueling race.

The weird looks of the car are due to its unique wheel and tire design, which feature airless tires that are infused with LED lights to warn spectators during a nighttime race event.

The Dark Side:

The unique wheel design makes us believe that the ride would not be as comfortable as one would want during the course of a long race. The tires are like the blades of a saw, which we think would make the ride bumpy.

4. Solar Buggy

solar buggy 2

Eco Factor: Eco-friendly buggy uses solar panels to charge its lead-acid battery.

If everything goes well, Singapore golfers will soon be seen enjoying a green ride on solar buggies. The owner of Marina Bay Golf Course is presently performing a feasibility trial in collaboration with Sanyo and Singapore Polytechnic by retrofitting a buggy with two solar panels to help charge the lead-acid battery required to power the vehicle. It is claimed that each solar buggy holds the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 280kg per year while extending the battery life from 2.5 years to five years.

The trial will see the buggy in action for three hours a day over three months, after which the data gathered will be used to assess whether implementing such solar-powered buggy on the golf course will be a fair deal. The solar cells are capable of generating only 1.2kWh of power a day, which means the solar panels won’t be able to fully charge the battery. But, it can reduce the time required for fully charging the battery at the charging bay from 5 to 3.5 hours.

5. Electric wooden buggy

electric vehicle 1

Eco Factor: Eco-friendly vehicle runs on batteries.

Eco-minded designer Seth Kinmont surely is a designer who has the skills to bring the past into the future in a sustainable fashion. The designer has come up with an electric car that brings the great past of wooden buggies including a horse-drawn carriage and an Amish cart into the future by converting it to run on clean electricity.

The ecofriendly vehicle, powered by four 12V batteries, won’t give any sort of competition to other electric vehicles available on the market today, but it does well in making some New Yorkers live the past.

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