Eco-Friendly Shopping Tips

Nowadays eco friendly has become fashionable and people are more than aware to check the label before buying any product, to ensure whether it is truly environmentally sound. Shopping of all kind is done every now and then by everyone in day to day life. To conserve our environment one has to think before buying any product from the market. Each individual has the ability and can protect the environment protection by following certain rules. If we all join together by conserving our planet we can together make this world a pollution free planet and proudly pass it to our next generation. The awareness to change has definitely started but to follow the eco friendly revolution is what we should continue in every way we can.

There are many Tips for Eco Friendly Shopping:

  • Plan and organize your shopping sprees. By doing this you can save on gas and reduce air pollution. The extra trip for shopping not only takes your time, effort and fuel but also pollutes the air by emitting green house gases. In this way if a family plans a shopping together they help themselves and the environment.
  • By using shopping bags made from recycled and reusable organic fabrics which are easily available nowadays at markets for the shoppers to use. Paper, canvas bags and cloth bags whichever you may use, they are better than using the traditional plastic bags.


  • One can check the labels of the goods, cosmetics, food and cleaning products to ensure whether any artificial or toxic chemicals are used to manufacture these products. Avoid processed food if possible because they contain a variety of chemicals, artificial flavors and coloring which is harmful to our body and to the environment. So stop buying this easy, processed fast food.
  • If you live within walking distance of the shopping area, try to walk or bicycle for your shopping needs. This way you even get some benefit of exercising. For short distances use your legs, as walking is good for your legs as well as for the planet.
  • Try to buy food which is made locally and is not transported around. By doing so you get fresh food from the local farmers, bakeries and other local shops. This is a sure way to stop pollution from transporting goods from one place to another.
  • There is one more choice of shopping online where you can save the environment by ordering online.
  •  At work use recycled paper which is used on both sides and print only when necessary. Encourage your company to go green by using heating and air conditioning reasonably.
  • Keep the original containers of products like shower gel, washing liquids and get them filled with refill packs which are easily available nowadays. Buy nappies which are washable and reusable because a nappy takes 300 years to disintegrate.


  •  Take a train for longer trips. Car pooling with friends, colleagues and parents is advised where one can save fuel as well as the environment.
  • Avoid items which have excess packaging. Some clothing comes with excess cardboards, plastic or hangers. Avoid these unless you are sure to reuse or recycle them. Buy food which is minimally packed or with packing which is recycled or packed in green packing. Buy food in bulk or huge amounts because it is cheaper and you save on the packing material.

These eco friendly shopping tips will help you to save money, to stop global warming to a certain extent and to contribute your part for a greener future for the next generation

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