Eco-friendly marketing – What does it signify?

With terms and phrases like eco-friendly , environment friendly ,‘ Go Green!’, etc becoming buzzwords of late, it is not tough to judge that people are fast moving towards being more eco-aware and have incorporated eco-friendly practices into the everyday lives.


Eco-friendly marketing – What does it signify?

As more and more people are realizing the long-term positive effects of going green and caring for the planet, firms and businesses are using being eco-friendly as a selling point. Whenever you type the term ‘eco-friendly’ and its equivalents and press search, you will find a lot of products and services, other than explanations on the term. There are businesses who sell only eco-friendly products, hotels and resorts which emphasize well on them being ‘eco-friendly ‘ and practicing environment-friendly options. It is easy to decipher that people want to be eco-friendly, they prefer it .

  • Eco-consciousness- With so many emerging businesses flooding the markets nowadays, we see that people are moving towards being more eco-friendly. They want to lead healthy lifestyles and want a safer planet for their future generations to walk and breathe in. People support eco-friendly businesses and want to do their bit. With the people being more aware about the long –term negative effects of carbon footprints and pollution being so rampant, they want to decrease it by as much as they can. They lead environment-friendly lifestyles and encourage friends and relatives to do the same.
  • Ethical Consumerism – This has become a catch-phrase in recent times. As people are becoming more eco-aware, we see companies emerging which focus on eco-friendly products and services. They, in fact market their products based on this key-point to show that they are a cut above the rest. With the increasing number of such businesses flooding the market, we find that even businesses want to make a profit but want to be as environment-friendly as possible. Being that, would encompass practices like using less or no pesticides when they grow their products, going for fair-trade certification, using only organic raw materials while making finished products and even using sensible and bio-degradable packaging .
  • Beware ! – Being eco-friendly works. A lot of people would prefer going for eco-friendly options because they are healthier for them as well as for the environment. That is the sole reason you see a business emphasizing on them being eco-friendly. However, do your research and go only for products which have been certified as being eco-friendly.

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