Eco-friendly Baby Products

Parents’ worlds revolve round their babies. For the eco-friendly parent, it is but natural that he would want his most valuable asset, his baby to be brought up in a protected environment.


Eco-friendly Baby Products

Only a parent would understand how important it is for their baby to have the best in everything. They want a healthy baby, to be protected and in a safe and green environment. Many existing baby products can prove to be toxic for your baby. Any parent would freak out at such a prospect, wouldn’t they? Eco-friendly baby products ensure that your baby has the best and that you protect him/her from toxins in the atmosphere and in mundane but harmful objects. Opting for eco-friendly baby products are for families who want to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit in building a greener planet.

  • Eco-friendly clothing – Fabric which is organic is manufactured without using toxins and pesticides. A bay’s skin is very sensitive and need extra care and attention. The fibers used in making the clothing is grown organically . Such clothing has less irritants which is a good measure for protecting your baby’s skin and health. Choose clothes which are naturally dyed. Go for re-usable cloth diapers which can be easily washed and used again instead of using ones which are thrown away after one time-use.


  • Eco-friendly toys – Wooden toys are economical and fun. Babies love colorful figurines of animals and birds so buy these eco-friendly toys instead of going for commercial toxic products made from plastic.
  • Bedding and Mattress – Bedding may contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. There are specific certifications used only to certify if a bedding is free from such harmful contents. Parents will be appalled to discover that a lot of crib mattresses produced before 2009 were banned because of the harmful vinyl covers .


  • Eco-friendly Home- Expecting parents plan a lot for their soon-to-be babies, right from buying clothing and toys to building and painting a new nursery. Use paint which is free from volatile organic compounds. Also, make sure the paint is not fresh when the baby is brought into the house. Paint leaves a lot of harmful fumes long after it has dried off. Go for wooden floors and furniture as décor.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle – We can never emphasize enough on this mantra. Re-use every item you can, bibs, diapers. Reduce use of disposable items . You can build a crib by recycling your good, old, strong furniture ; even when you buy a new one, go for one that is good quality wood and is coated with a water-based finish. Such strong wood lasts for years and can be handed down to future babies for generations to come.

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