Eco-friendly green burials catching on in the US

Regarding the green burials

These are the natural burials where interments of the dead bodies in soils where the dead body easily gets decomposed and mixes up naturally with the soil and recycle. It is a very good alternative to the contemporary burial methods. In these types of burials, only markers of flat stones are allowed and the pre-existing landscapes are very less modified. The dead body is not stuffed or contaminated with any preservatives, instead buried in and eco-friendly and bio-degradable coffin, shroud or casket. The graves do not use burial vaults or containers which may prevent the contact of the body with the soil.


The graves of the eco-friendly burials

The graves are quite shallow in order to allow natural microbial activities. The natural burials are allowed in private compounds as well in common cemeteries. The area of the green burial can be chosen from different types of land management techniques. Some of these are sustainable agriculture, habitat conservation project, permaculture, restoration ecology, etc. Landscaping methods are widely used in order to accelerate or decelerate the decomposition process of the dead bodies, which depends on the soil systems. The aim of these special types of burials is to prevent pollution as far as possible.


Eco-friendly green burials in the US

Almost all the states of the USA have started to use the eco-friendly green burials to a very large extent. It started first in the state of Florida. Recently, a man suffering for more than two years from the disease of cancer has breathed his last. His family buried him is a completely eco-friendly green natural and biodegradable burial in Florida. The family is a milestone for other people also to keep their natural environment pollution-free. The government is also investing funds for the promotion of these green burials. The dead bodies are carried in bamboo stretchers, instead of metal or hardwood coffins in order to facilitate biodegradation process.

The benefits

The entire human society will be hugely benefited by using these eco-friendly green burials. It always ensures permanent and harm-free decomposition decay of the dead bodies with the Earth by natural procedure. The burial ingredients are biodegradable and can be recycled easily. This burial method is not at all expensive and families from every class of the society can easily afford it. Today is the era of high rate pollution and global warming. These natural green burials are good solutions for keeping the nature clean and hygienic. The burials will prevent many diseases in the society caused by toxic bio-chemicals.

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