Eco-friendly gift ideas for men

Trying desperately to think of a gift for a certain guy who just happens to share your love for all things eco-friendly? You’re in luck! Here is a top 5 list of eco gifts for guys that will knock his socks off.

Devmir eco socksDevmir socks

Here it is! Socks that will knock his socks off. Make him take off the old ratty pair that he’s probably had since the day you met him and make him put on Devmir eco socks. Devmir is a sock manufacturer in North Carolina. The sock materials range from organic cotton, bamboo, and a mix of recycled fibers. The cost of the socks ranges from $5-$18 and has the added benefit of providing legwear for urban youth.

WeWood wooden watch.jpg_2

Wooden watch

If your guy isn’t the type to go wild over socks, then maybe he would get excited you if you handed him this watch. Check out this watch from WeWood.This wooden watch was made from 100% natural wood, maple to be exact. And while many could complain that it’s not bamboo, most of the wood WeWood uses for their products is reclaimed scrap wood. Guilt free. That’s not all. On top of being fashionable and trendy, if you buy a watch from WeWood then they will plant a tree. Today, with the help of their partners, they have planted over 300,000 trees.

Good guy animal-free shoes

Good guy shoes

These animal-free shoes are sure to wow him. The basis of ‘Good Guys’ is that ‘Good guys don’t wear leather’. Good guys manufactures shoes for both men and women that are completely free of materials sourced from animals. Instead, they have a faux leather look created from a mixture of textiles such as microfiber, canvas, and natural rubber. Animals everywhere will applaud this purchase and cheer your name in the fields.

Paguro bags_2

Paguro bags

Maybe a messenger bag or tote is more his style? Paguro designs bags using upcycled materials. This design in particular was created with recycled motorbike seat coverings and repurposed mosquito netting. Each bag by Paguro is guaranteed to be unique because each bag is handmade.

Run & Fell is a clothing manufacturer

Run & Fell

Run & Fell is a clothing manufacturer. You can’t go wrong with the gift of clothes. Run & Fell offers a variety of styles. Their products are made from sustainable products. When looking on their labels you will see that the main material they make their clothing with is organic cotton. They sometimes add in bamboo and hemp, just for some more eco-flare.

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