Art takes on an eco-friendly approach

Environmentally friendly art is becoming a norm in the artistic community. All around the world people are creating installation art in order to remind people about the things that really matter. The following are some of the best Eco installation art in the world. Each artist strived to evoke certain feeling from the viewers from the art. Comment on what you think those feelings were.

IngeVanluyd and Stefan Vanbergen   Ceramic Christmas tree

Ceramic Christmas tree

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree that is 9 meter (29ft) tall? Have you seen a ceramic Christmas tree that is 9 meters tall and made of ceramic dishware?

The answer should now be yes. Last winter, residents of Hasslet, Belgium donated over 5,000 pieces of ceramic dishware so that artists IngeVanluyd and Stefan Vanbergen could create this spectacular tree.

Thai Temple made of recyled bottles

Thai Temple made of recyled bottles

This temple building is called Wat Pa MahaChedioKaew. Translated into English it means Temple of a Million bottles.

That number is roughly the amount of bottles it took to create this structure, although a more accurate number is closer to 1.5million. With this project, the monks not only cleaned up their community but they also created a truly amazing art showcase.

Willow tree cathedral_1

Willow tree cathedral

A one of a kind installation created by Patrick Dougherty, this structure was created from Willow tree saplings. The miniature cathedral weighs a whopping 10 tons. In Melbourne, the Willow tree is considered a weed because of its invasiveness.

Dougherty’s use of the tree acts as a kind of recycling. The structure creates a sharp contrast between it and the modern world around it.

The Wasteless Chair

Recycled oak chair

Hungarian firm Architect Uncomfortable Workshop created this fun piece of furniture. The chair featured here is a model called The Wasteless Chair.

There are two positions that the chair can take, one has a leg rest, while the other does not. It can also take a cylindrical shape in which it resembles a horizontal tree trunk. That is its storage form for when it is not in use.

Repurposed rotary phone

Repurposed rotary phone

In this imaginative display of innovative design, Jean Luc Cornec shows off his sheep made of rotary phones. The installation displayed 32 sheep, all in various poses.

Their bodies appear to be made out of the spiraling cord that stretched between the two parts of the phone. The inspiration for the sheep was imagining the phone as a closed system. His goal was to recombine all the elements and present a different shape.

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