Best eco-friendly homes

Looking at homes that have been built with sustainability at its focus is a great way to get ideas for your own home. These Eco-homes are sure to give you inspirations on how to make your home more energy efficient. Check out these Green homes and see what you think.


The pavilion

The challenge in building The Pavilion was gaining the highest code for sustainable homes while also maintaining a modern style. Hours and hours of deliberation were given over energy systems in the house and how to utilize the environment in their design. The house is low carbon and has a passive solar design.


The orchid

In this privately owned home you will find all the makings of a house that will not make a negative impact on the environment. It is a part of a new development that create houses using nature’s materials but does not use them to corrupt her. The design for the Orchid was taken from natural elements. The Bee orchid is a type of flower that resembles a bee. It was one of the plants that were found on the land that The Orchid was built. The house sold for $14.2 million.


Zero carbon house

Here is a house that promises to produce as much energy as it consumes. The home was originally a two bedroom Victorian style. But after the renovation it is now a four bedroom home with a loft. The entire build was integrated into the existing surroundings. The bricks that were on the original house were preserved and kept as the exterior of the new one. This house is completely carbon neutral.


Soleta zero energy

Ecological. Modern. Elegant. These are the words that are used to describe the plain lines and beauty of this house. In this house design, you are a part of your natural surroundings. The homes are built with 97% recycled materials. Toxic materials were avoided. Instead, eco-friendly materials like water based paint were used. Featured in the design plans is a rain water harvest system that collects water for your everyday needs.


The stamp house

Located in Australia, this house is a beautiful way to life off of the grid. It is carbon neutral and supplies all of its own power. It has a solar powered roof and a water catchment system. The building recycles greywater for continued use in the home. The cantilevers is unique to this homes design. It helps protect the home against floods and storms.


Eco friendly home design can be elegant and tasteful. Not only does such design save energy, and the environment, it could very well be your dream house.

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