Eco friendly fashion labels that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

If you think that sustainable eco friendly fashion wear would burn a big hole in your pocket, then you are quite wrong. Here are four brands who will definitely give you value for money:


One Mango Tree

The line of casual wear from One Mango Tree, which comprises of dresses, accessories, shorts, skirts, tops and tees are ranged between 30-60 dollars. The clothes are made out of organic fabrics that are sourced locally. The underprivileged people and artisan community in Northern Uganda who are in need of employment make the garments from One Mango Tree. Hence, One Mango Tree collaborates with these artisans, trains them and sells their handicraft globally.



Etrican is an eco fashion label that is based in Singapore and is committed to the use of organic cotton in their garments that is GOTS certified, apart from using upcycled material for shaping their accessories. The garments are trendy, youthful and cute and range from 20-50 dollars apiece. Some of the garments like the floral maxi dress for $35 are a piece that can beat designer wear hands down.



This brand is from the United Kingdom and it sells some trendy casual wear such as hoodies, leggings, soft graphic tees and socks with the garments ranging from 30-60 dollars. The brand follows an eco-friendly manufacturing policy with low carbon approach to production, ethical labour implementation and organic cloth, which are the company’s philosophy. Rapanui also has an innovative trace-mapping tool that can help the customer discover where the garment came from and how it was made.


ReUse Jeans

Not these jeans are made out of 80% fabric that is recycled. The denims cost fewer than 100 dollars and are available in various styles ranging from flared to motochic.


Although most of the high-end eco friendly brands would appear rather expensive, yet if you look at the older brands or the relatively newer ones- you would find yourself looking through amazing collections of affordable eco wear.

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