Reasons why travelling by train is eco friendly

Trains are the best way to travel and the most eco friendly mode of transportation too as a train releases ten times lesser greenhouse gases per passenger along the journey, when compared to an airplane. Here are four reasons why train travel is the best mode and much better than car journeys, flying and airplanes.


  • Trains are quite faster when it comes to shorter distances. This is when you taken into account the long time that is spent in getting to the airport and leaving the airport at the destination. Furthermore, railway stations are located in the heart of the city or town and are very ideally located when you reach an unfamiliar place, as it is easy to get by.
  • The security checks at the railway stations are not very tedious and cumbersome as compared to the multiple layers of security checks at the airport. You need not reach the railway station two hours ahead of time, as half an hour is sufficient. Furthermore, you can also carry food, water, and even some wine for the journey. Also, trains are more spacious and provide the passenger space to stretch and walk about.44
  • When it comes to a train journey, you do not need to be bothered about keeping your eyes on the track as in the case of a car journey. You no longer need to struggle with obstinate unruly drivers and can simply lie back and relax. Call your friends, enjoy the view or read your book- do all you want! A train journey provides a very relaxed atmosphere and helps you transition in the holiday mood.
  • The trains are fast and a very affordable means of transportation to move about. You can avail sleeper services for longer journeys at a reasonable cost and so you can sleep and arrive at your destination in the morning. The pricing structure of a rail ticket is also quite transparent and you can usually book them nine days in advance. The earlier you book your tickets the cheaper they are.


Trains are not only an affordable mode of transportation that offers a comfortable journey but they are also the most “greenest” mode of transportation. If you plan to travel in a green fashion and reduce your carbon footprint, then take the train and do your bit for the environment!

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