Eco-friendly emergency gadgets that will get you out of troubles

At times of natural calamities we need to have all the necessary gadgets and tools which can increase chances of survival. You never know when emergency can strike. It can be a hurricane or back to back days of power cut. Emergencies like fire breakout or getting stuck in elevator for hours can also be unnerving. The right eco-gadgets can change the way you tackle emergencies and help you overcome seemingly tough obstacles. Eco-friendly gadgets often utilize solar or wind power so you will not need traditional fuels or electricity for charging or working. In the following some essential emergency eco-gadgets have been listed.

Waka Waka Power Waka Waka Power

This one is a perfect life saver when you are on the go and the battery of your smart phone is on the verge of dying. The Waka Waka solar powered charger gives your smart phones the necessary juice for functioning when you need it badly. It comes with a flashlight and both USB and AC charging options for the users. If you get stranded at unlikely places or cut off from the world due to snow storm then this one is the gadget you should buy.

K3 Wind and Solar Mobile Charger K3 Wind and Solar Mobile ChargerThe K3 Wind and Solar Mobile Charger is another handy tool which can help you in times of power cuts or natural calamities. You can go bike riding with it for company. Mount the device on the handlebar of your cycle so that it can catch the flowing wind and sun and produce electric energy from both. You can also hang it outdoors for the same purpose. At present you will get it in online portals like Amazon for $90.

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Powered Light LuminAID Inflatable Solar Powered Light

If you are someone who is into hiking and exploring uncharted places then LuminAID Inflatable Solar Powered Light is your best friend. It is an inflatable bag which is conveniently waterproof. You can keep it folded when not needed and hang it outdoors for charging during daytime. At nights you can hang it inside your tent. This tool is also perfect for people stuck in war prone regions or places devastated by storms and hurricanes. It costs just $19.95.

BodyGuard Hand Powered Emergency Tool BodyGuard Hand Powered Emergency Tool

In trying times the BodyGuard Hand Powered Tool will help in troubleshooting in different ways. It can be used in 12 distinctly different ways. It has a Swiss army knife, survival kit and hand crank for charging the internal battery. You can use its LED flash light during night or listen to the FM radio while hiking or driving. It also has a mobile phone charger and security alarm. Despite having so many great features it is available for just $19.99.

Eco-friendly emergency gadgets can help you during times of trial. Some of these gadgets utilize solar or wind power for charging gadgets and others offer incredible multifunctional quality.

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