Eco friendly dry cleaner in West Palm Beach focuses on service, convenience

The ‘Green’ express

Environment needs to be saved and the steps have to be taken with an immediate effect. You must be aware of the fact that this planet is facing severe threats from demon such as pollution, deforestation and global warming. It is us who have let these demons loose on the environment with our careless actions and it is our duty to curb them from harming the planet and its residents. People from all over the world are realizing the seriousness of the issue and coming together to save the world.


Many people have already boarded this ‘green’ express and many are getting ready to do so. Adopting eco friendly methods is one of the ways by which you can contribute in saving the world. The sustainable methods are being adopted by people from different fields and now you can find everything eco friendly from clothes to cars. Jurate Numavicine is one such individual who has come forth to save the world and taken a wonderful initiative to save the world. Let us move forth on what exactly has she done to contribute to the cause.


Eco friendly dry cleaning

Jurate is forty years old and moved to South Palms Beach around three years earlier from Lithuania and she found out that the dry cleaning condition was not so environmental friendly in South Palms Beach. Jurate was not used to such harmful methods of dry cleaning that could pose threat to the environment plus they also lacked the attention to details. It was then when she decided to take the matter in her hands and do something substantial about the situation. Jurate took the initiative and started OZO2 eco cleaners in the month of January.


This dry cleaning service grabbed eyeballs soon after its opening and now it has customers such as Annette Sebesto. What is different about OZO2 eco cleaners you might ask then there are a lot of things that are different about this dry cleaning service. It has a modern day décor which makes it advanced and it follows the sustainable ways of cleaning and that is what makes it unique and eco friendly. The OZO2 happens to be completely free from chemicals plus the plastic bags used here are totally bio degradable. There are many things that make this effort by Jurate a wonderful one and worth inspiring the people.


Annette Sebesto has a lot of good things to say about this dry cleaning service. Sebesto has been a steady customer of this place since it has been in business and said that he prefers OZO2 eco cleaners above anyone else because of their green methods of cleaning. Annette is happy to be a part of anything that leads to saving the environment from the many problems it is facing today. OZO2 eco cleaners utilizes the Rynex-3 solvent which happens to be completely non hazardous to the planet.



The managing director of OZO2 eco cleaners, Irina told that their aim is to encourage people to adopt things that are better for them and the environment. The machinery at OZO2 is highly efficient and utilizes much less water and energy which makes it eco friendly in every manner possible. You can also find organic products for sale at their outlet which you can take home for money. The whole feel of the store is more like a spa with wooden accents plus plush couches. Complimentary delivery services are also extended by OZO2 eco cleaners to the customers. OZO2 is a wonderful initiative which must be appreciated by everyone.

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