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Importance of Being Eco Friendly

We have reached a point when protecting the environment is a very important issue facing the world today. The need to conserve and protect the environment and all the natural resources is very high. If the environment is not protected there can be far reaching damage to the environment and ecosystems around us. Already global warming, depletion of ozone layer, extinction of some species is the problems that have been caused by irresponsible use of the environment and its resources by human beings. There has to be a harmony and sustainable relationship between humans and the environment around them.

Snow crab - ASMI

Conserving the Marine Environment

Protection of the marine environment is one of the aspects of being eco friendly and protecting the environment. There are various problems facing the marine environment today. These include dumping of harmful waste in the seas and oceans, environmental destruction over fishing etc.

There have been a lot of destructible methods and techniques used in fishing in the past and also being used today. Also overfishing of a popular species of fish can change the population of the fish in the oceans and can cause the fish to fall in the endangered species list or face extinction. This harms the balance of the food chain and is very harmful to the environment.

To avoid this there is a concept of sustainable seafood. In sustainable fishing the seafood is caught and farmed in a manner that maintains the population of the particular species of fish in the oceans and also does not harm the oceans in any way. Efforts are being made to make fishing more eco friendly and educate the fishermen to change practices and adopt a more eco friendly approach towards fishing. Fishing companies and fishermen who use sustainable methods of fishing and participate in environmentally friendly fishing, are given green stickers or ecolabels which they can use by marketing to the consumers that they are an eco friendly organization and their fish are harvested in an eco friendly way.


Snow Crabs

Snow crabs are found in the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. They are called snow crabs as they are generally found in the northern parts of the northern hemisphere. They are a variety of snow crabs depending on the region from which they are caught. Extensive fishing of snow crab is done as snow crabs are very popular food and many food items are prepared using snow crabs.

The fishing done for catching Snow Crab in many regions is done in a sustainable and eco friendly way. There are still some concerns about some areas where the snow crab is still caught in a way that is not eco friendly and sustainable way but overall there have been efforts made to make snow crabs a sustainable seafood item.

Consumers should know about whether the crab they buy is eco friendly or not. Generally companies that pass the eco friendly test and adopt sustainable fisheries have some kind of eco label or mention on their packaging. Different countries have different standards and ecolabels that are given by them. A certified snow crab product sold by companies that have received the eco friendly certification from the authorities is a good option to buy.


By adopting eco friendly fishing practices for catching snow crabs, companies and fishermen can maintain the population of the snow crabs and also not harm the marine environment in anyway. So eco friendly snow crabs which are sustainable and eco friendly, is the best option to buy and sell snow crabs without hurting the environment.

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