Eco friendly cool air

The need to save the planet from serious threats such as pollution and global warming is increasing by the day. People from across the world are beginning to understand their moral and social obligation towards their planet and taking accurate steps to conserve the scarce resources. People these days are also adopting eco friendly methods of living as leading a sustainable life has many benefits for both the user and the environment. Some people think that sustainable methods are difficult to adopt or they are expensive but there is nothing like that so if you are still in a dilemma then step out of it and smell fresh air.


Since the topic of fresh air has come up, have you heard about project Atrica? Some of you may have but there will some people who still have no idea what project Atrica is. Several people in a group haven been devoting their time to this project which is yet another amazing initiative to turn eco friendly and save the world.

Project Atrica: what’s it all about

Project Atrica is basically a natural ventilation, cooling and heat recovery system. The features of this entire project are quite impressive and so is its look which happens to be unique and stylish. Project Atrica consumes less than ten percent of the power which is taken by a regular air conditioning system. This is indeed something to look out for as it will definitely help in conserving electricity.


Atrica’s ratio of thermal to electrical energy is 32 which happen to be ten times greater than that of an air conditioner’s gas chamber. Overall project Atrica is something that can be addressed as sustainable and very innovative in nature. If one uses Atrica instead of conventional air conditioners then his carbon footprint on the environment will reduce by almost ninety percent.

There are many sustainable features that can be found in Atrica and one of them is that only recycled material from different industries are used in order to make this project. The bi-products of the industries that usually land up in some or the other landfills are used in their recycled form to build this project Artica. Another amazing thing about project Atrica is that its idea is no longer on paper as it has been given a shape and real form. In all, this project Atrica is definitely an innovative approach towards turning eco friendly for the betterment of this planet.

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