Most eco friendly cities in the world

In today’s scenario, being eco friendly not only means planting a lot of trees in the city; countries are adopting latest technologies and procedures to make their cities eco friendly from within. For example, the government of Malmo a Swedish city has promised to turn the whole city carbon neutral by 2020. Such initiatives are very much in requirement today for making the world a better place to live. Like Malmo, there are many eco friendly cities that have already jotted out their plans for a greener future.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia is home to an amazing 68 parks. Out of these, 5 are botanical parks and 6 are forest parks. The city is a legendary amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary. The streets are bicycle friendly and its tall modern buildings are powered by natural energy sources like solar energy. This is the reason why Barcelona is considered to be the 14th most livable cities in the world.

Bogota, Colombia

Being a perfect mix of the traditional and the new is the only eco friendly factor of this region. Bogota, the capital city of Columbia is the home to many parks and natural flora and fauna. The eastern corner of the city is bordered by mountains and gives a spectacular view of the various parks and churches that line up the area.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Being a capital city, the city has lost much of its greeneries to developmental projects. But still, some parks and green zones have been created at the heart of the city to retain its eco friendly status.

kampala, Uganda

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda cannot entirely be termed as an eco conscious city, but at the same time it does house to a lot of greeneries. You will be able to watch the eye- soothing greeneries all round the city. Home to a lot of golf courses, gardens and parks, Kampala still manages to retain its green status naturally.

Austin, Texas

Austin, a Texas city has established itself to be hundred percent eco friendly. All the houses of Austin are equipped with energy efficient systems like solar panels and wind energy production devices. Their focus on a sustainable nature has proved its worth. Voted as one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Austin is definitely a great place to settle down.

Freiburg, Germany

The secret to Freiburg’s sustainable developments is the mentality of the people. The native people want their city to be eco friendly. Situated in one of the world’s most beautiful country, the German city is often rightly called as ‘the greenest place on earth’. Waste recycling and energy conservation are very common practices followed by the people of Freiburg. Each family lives by counting on exactly how much energy they will need to lead their lives.

Seattle, Washington, US

Seattle, the home to the largest wind energy operation in US is voted to be the most sustainable city in US. A survey conducted by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) voted the ‘emerald city’ first in energy production and conservation, green building and air quality. The city achieved the second and fourth position in the categories of green space and standard of living.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is often termed as the ‘most sustainable city in Canada’. Boasting its eco friendly shops, restaurants and even liquor shops, Quebec City is the place to be if you want to feel and live with nature’s most amazing creations. The city moves on ecovfriendly pollution free cycles and mini electric buses and feeds on organic foods immediately produced from the local farms. The government has built several green parks to encourage and promote the usage of eco friendly things. This place is like a heaven on earth. With lush green country sides and squeaky clean roads, Quebec City is truly the green hub of Canada.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is considered to be one of Europe’s greenest capital cities. Some of the innovative eco friendly measures adopted by the government of Copenhagen are really commendable. It encourages people to adopt and consume eco friendly and sustainable products. Also in Copenhagen, the major mode of transportation is biking or cycling.The houses are equipped with rainwater harvesting systems to utilize rainwater for flushing toilets. Other than these, eco friendly fashion boutiques, restaurants and hotels are constructed, which sell only garments made from eco friendly materials like linen, cotton and flax. The eco friendly restaurants stock only organic food products.

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden has established itself as an example of eco friendliness. The city was the first in Sweden to start Fairtrade in 2006. The government of Malmö has implemented some very fine procedures to turn their city eco friendly. Some of the notable eco friendly procedures that are made available are installed solar panels to generate hot water and electricity, installed pipelines in every house to collect and harvest rainwater and the houses also have installed organic waste grinders that immediately grind the waste in the sink and organic foods.

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