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Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation for your home

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The walls of home are responsible for heat loss of your house. Surprised to hear this! About 33 percent of heat from the home is lost through walls. You need to have your home well insulated by utilizing cavity wall insulation to tide over this problem as fuel prices have been rising randomly.

Cavity wall insulation

Types of cavity wall insulation

In case you have not used cavity wall insulation while constructing the home and intend to shift to cavity wall insulation, options exist for you. Fibrous material as glass wool and cellulose insulation can be tried. These are blown into the wall through specially designed and drilled holes. Glass wool and cellulose insulation can be blown into the walls and filled until the entire wall is filled. Government agencies and energy companies in countries as United Kingdom offer grants to people to turn their homes into energy efficient units by switching to Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation.

There are three basic type of cavity wall insulation materials. Mineral wall insulation material popularly known as rockwool is the most popular cavity wall insulation. Polystyrene beads are also in use as cavity wall insulation and one can also opt for foam, though the use of rockwool and polystyrene bead is prevalent.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation comes with multiple benefits. Not only is the heating bill reduced drastically but the esthetic value of home increases multifold. As the heat escape routes gets blocked, cavity wall insulation is a great way to heat the home. Some other benefits of Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation are discussed below.

1. Increase in comfort level. Having cavity wall insulation means that the home has a consistent and comfortable temperature. As the house will be insulated from the extremes of temperature, the house will have a consistent temperature throughout the year. Not only will you stay healthy but will feel energized, even after long and continued stay indoors, especially in winters. In case you are using air conditioner, the thermostat can be set at a fixed level as the insulation will maintain a consistent temperature level within the home. This will not only help you keep the electricity bill under check but will ensure that you and your loved ones remain in the best of your health always.

The consistent temperature level will ensure that you can spare your time to other work and bother little about adjusting the thermostat of the air conditioner regularly.

2. Freedom from moisture. Most of the houses have faulty construction in some aspect. This gives rise to multiple problems including increased moisture presence in the house. Faulty construction design makes it possible for air and moisture and air to enter and leave the house with ease.

Presence of increased moisture levels is a serious issue and unmindful of your knowledge molds, mildew and rot are making their presence evident in your home. Having Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation will ensure freedom from this problem and ensure that your house remains moisture free.

3. Some additional benefits. Apart from the above listed benefits, Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation has some other lesser known benefits. As the cavity wall insulation is done within the walls, the problem of water pipes freezing in winters is solved. As your home has a consistent temperature during winter months also, there is little chance of water pipes freezing, even in extreme cold.

Cavity wall insulation is an effective sound barrier and ensures that the sound emitting from your neighborhood does not reach the four walls of your home. Having freedom from street noise ensures that serene calm prevails in your house.

Safety from fire is another distinct benefit of Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation. Though it cannot prevent a fire but with restricted entry of air into the home, the spread of fire can be restricted to a great extent.

4. Lower electricity bills. Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation also helps you reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. Heating and cooling costs account for over 70 percent of an electricity bill. Having cavity wall insulation helps one reduce electricity bills to a great extent as the use of air conditioners and heaters reduces drastically.

5. Environment friendly. By switching to Eco-friendly cavity wall insulation, you not only reduce your electricity bills but also ensure your contribution to the environment front. Less energy use means fewer emissions and ensure that you contribute to the cause of environment protection.

Cavity wall insulation not only helps one cut on electricity costs but also ensures that your home retains its esthetic look as serene calm prevails in the house. Go for it and contribute your bit in environment management.

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