Eco friendly Cardboard Lamp ensures green illumination

A dim and beautiful light shimmering through a lamp is always reminiscent of romantic evenings with candle light dinners. It is exhilarating to see artists like Jose Hurtado, who are upbeat about innovating with recycled material to create eco friendly lamps that will brighten up spaces with their obliging illumination. Decorate your dining hall or grace a corner out in the porch with these lamps; they will definitely lighten up every space with their warmth.

Cocoon Cardboard Lamp

Cardboards, pencil and a few hinges are the only materials required for creating these breadth taking lamps. In fact, Jose uses a single strip of cardboard and leases a new life into them, using the art of origami. He models the lamp stylizing them with a playful and interactive design.

Looking at the lamp you will not believe about the simple procedure entailed in its making. Jose takes a simple sheet of cardboard, marks five squares, lined together horizontally, with a circular hollow in the center of each one. Next he mounts five triangles over the top side of the squares. One similar size triangle is marked at one of the horizontal edges, making it look like a pencil, if placed inverted. Next, when all the shapes have been penciled, he folds them and binds the structure with the help of hinges.

Once complete, the lamp is lightweight and can be hung from any surface. The earthly outer façade of the lamps pleases the senses and reminds you of its eco friendly nature.

Via: Josehurtado

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