Eco Gadgets: HydroWind – A dual-mode turbine for campers

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Eco Factor: Renewable electricity generating turbine works in two modes.

Renewable energy is the need of the hour not just for normal household electricity, but for outdoor activities like camping as well. However, generating renewable energy by one means makes you dependent on a single resource, which on a bad day might not be as active as you want it to be. Ange Solomon thinks that the only way renewable energy could be made more dependable is to develop generators that can harness more than one natural resource. The result is a device known as HydroWind.

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As the name specifies, the device is essentially a wind turbine that can also work in water, generating hydroelectricity. To accomplish these two tasks simultaneously, the charger has been made waterproof. The package contains a folding waterproof mill with a magnetic bobbin that generates electricity at 12 volts, which can be used to power small devices and small lighting systems.

The Dark Side:

The device’s output can only suit small gadgets and LED lights. The concept needs to be refined if more it has to be developed for more practical and urgent needs.

Via: Core77

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