Eco Bikes: Green Shadow looks like a toy bike with an onboard computer

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Eco Factor: High-tech bike monitors your vital statistics.

Riding a bike keeps you and the environment around you in good shape. Burning calories for the environment and saving a few bucks during the ride seems a good enough reason to quit using your fuel-guzzling car. Designer Mr. Onuff Studio has taken biking pleasure a step further with his new Green Shadow concept bike.

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The normal looking bike is host to great technology. A computer will be incorporated in the bike to track heat rate and the calories you burn during the ride. We are not too sure of the materials used in the bike, but we think Mr. Onuff wouldn’t have thought of plastic.

The Dark Side:

The onboard technology will make use of electricity. With no details on how that computer remains powered up, we hope it uses pedal power for the same.

Via: YankoDesign

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