Eco Altea 2012 : The Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fair

Altea, with white streets and the blue sea, corners and looks, has that special atmosphere for artists, which inspires them and helps them share their visions. Thus, it is a high value destination for artists from all over the Mediterranean region. Altea as a city, is known for the execution of its activities in an environment friendly manner. It is committed towards protecting the environment and giving our gen next a safer and healthier environment to live and breathe in.

Keeping this basic fundamental in mind, Altea is coming up with “Eco Altea” fair, on the 6th & 7th of October. Being a weekend, it is a wonderful way to spend your days. Its an opportunity to gain immense knowledge and know how  of Eco-friendly approaches to the various spheres of life like, your health and well being, leisure, agriculture, personal relationships, bio-food, education and banking. It sounds quite interesting as to how things like banking, education and personal relationships can have Eco-friendly approach. From the description it seems, that this fair is really a must visit destination for the entire family.

The main focus at the fair this time around is on the new initiatives taken by young entrepreneurs. These initiatives are all about wanting to offer something new and sustainable to visitors, and make them aware of the sustainable way of life. As the organizers put it EcoAltea is a wonderful opportunity to share a weekend where to find eco-alternative approaches related to various fields, such as health, leisure, agriculture, banking, bio, food, education, personal relationships …

So accompanied by a festive and fun, with music, dances, shows …, will offer lectures, symposia, workshops, crafts … more than 85 exhibitors, nearly a hundred free activities for all ages that bring us closer to the idea of a sustainable world and a conscious human being, satisfied and projected towards respect and peace”.

The fair has scheduled activities in manner that it caters to every one’s taste. There are special workshops for children, music for Welfare and Activities Circ Altea. This music initiative will help in binding together the range of activities and workshops to be offered at the fair. If you are enthusiastic enough and willing to spend the entire weekend at the fair  , there are special accommodation arrangements as well at the fair.  The opening and closing ceremonies are something worthwhile to be watched out for.

The festival will open up with the traditional entry, also known as the “Mutra”.  The opening will be grand with the chanting, the bagpipes, and many dance troupes dancing in the traditional form to the tunes of the bagpipers and the chants. The opening ceremony, will be an announcement of sorts that the festival has arrived.  The 2 days festival will encompass music shows, workshops, counseling sessions, entertainment zones for children and of course celebrities. The two day festival will come to a close  with big fireworks on display. This display, will be followed by a a performance by The International Musical “Dreams of the World”. The performance will consist of 40 artists who tour all over the world. This festival, sure seems to be promising and informative.

All people who love their surroundings, value nature and its gifts and want to make a genuine contribution in the endeavor to save the earth, this is the place to be. Year on year, dozens of students come here to study in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Altea, as a place is loved by intellectuals and celebrities from all around the Mediterranean. The city has a very special way of life which is transmitted in various art exhibitions taking place at the cultural center.


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