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Earth Blocks: Greener Lego alternative for your kids

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Going green is the talk of the town and people are replacing all non biodegradable’s in their house with earth friendly utilities. A lot of plastic toys have received a bad rep in the past. There is no doubt that everyone wants their children to be safe and healthy. Keeping this concern of consumers in mind, an innovative Japanese company, Colors Tokyo, has crafted building blocks from eco friendly materials.

earth blocks – the greener legos

The muddy looking blocks are made from nature friendly substances, some of which have also been recycled. They are made from a variety of natural materials including coffee beans, cedar bark and compressed dust obtained from sawn cedar logs. In addition some polypropylene has also been used, so that they do not turn limpy.

Your kids will love playing with these blocks. They lock tightly together making it easy to build any type of structure. Although they are slightly softer than other artificial building blocks on the market, their solidity is enough to keep the erected structures standing. The blocks will surely challenge your child’s imagination. Many different types of shapes, forms and objects can be made from them. Construct trees and flowers, cars and buildings or even animal figures using these blocks.

The only hitch is that they are not available in attractive colorful shades like other blocks in the market. All blocks are available in earthy brown colors that have varying shades from light to very dark.

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