Dynamic Street Lamps – The Smart Way to Illuminate Streets

Nighttime outdoor lighting is unquestionably important since it helps in enhancing the nocturnal activities of human beings. Properly illuminated street lamps – by which we mean more dynamic and social lamps – ensure pedestrian safety and comfort. Studies in the UK and the US show that enhanced street visibility not only helps a person from tumbling down, but also reduces crime rates, resulting in public’s fear reduction. Besides enhancing people’s sense of well-being, we need to focus on the ‘green’ aspects of the dynamics street lamps.

Dynamic street lamps are designed and engineered in such a way that the light use can be controlled through human activity. This aspect deserves greater significance in the modern world where electricity is something which we cannot afford to waste.

Dynamic Street Lamps by  Vanessa Harden

UK based Canadian designer Vanessa Harden and UK-based designer Nicolas Myers have researched about more interactive and sustainable method of using light trails. The team aimed to explore sustainable lighting options in order to prevent excessive light use that fuels our carbon footprint. They have examined various sustainable lighting systems that are already in place. The popular cut-off lighting fixtures efficiently reduce overspill of lighting into the night sky and thereby saves energy. But the main drawback is that they fail to offer a dynamic way of controlling light use. The modern and popular occupancy sensors successfully suggest presence and environmental motion. They detect human occupancy and control light intensity.

By integrating these devices, the team has come out with a unique range of Dynamic Street Lamps. These lights are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption and function in accordance with the magnitude of human presence on the streets. Vanessa Harden has not sacrificed aesthetic characteristics, while integrating utilitarian elements in these lamps.

Dynamic Street Lamps are intelligent lighting systems. The light intensity of these lamps can be controlled and they act together with users. It detects the distance and presence of people and gets dimmed out automatically. The passing pedestrians, when they look back from a distance, will realize that the evidence of their presence has been swiftly erased. The passing pedestrians will in turn be educated about the value of electricity and the need to use energy intelligently.

The new invention rewrites the traditional belief, which maintained that the presence of light indicates human activity. But with the smart and dynamic street lighting systems, presence of light indicates human presence but not human activity. In a more concise and clear manner, we can state that the presence of light indicates human movement. Besides mapping nighttime human presence, these dynamic and intelligent and street lamps function as interactive and sustainable light trails.

Dynamic Street Lamps are integral in the modern world since there is so mush awareness among the public regarding excessive and annoying light use. Light pollution is a key factor that triggers upsetting nocturnal behaviors. On account of low energy consumption and high functional standards, the operator will in turn get benefited by low maintenance costs besides sacrificing street users’ safety.

These kinds of Dynamic Street Lamps that adapt to the actual requirements of the road at a particular point/period of time represent efficient and beautiful expression of energy use. All the urban and rural streets should ideally be illuminated with these intelligent trails of lamps that react to human interaction and closeness to the light source.

Source: vanessaharden

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