Dreamtime Alarm Clock tells time using water

What looks like an equipment straight out of a chemistry lab is the Dreamtime Alarm Clock designed by Vera Wiedermann. The alarm clock has a beautiful appearance and will stir you awake from a dreamy state pleasantly. If you get annoyed by the beeping sound of a tradition alarm clock, then the meaningful design by Vera will leave you impressed.

Dreamcatcher Alarm Clock

Dreamtime Alarm Clock come wrapped in simplicity and is not powered by batteries, but water. The eco friendly clock consists of a container and a bowl, which form the backbone of the design. A user has to fill the glass bowl with water, depending on the time they want the alarm to go off. The alarm clock is filled according to the number of hours someone wants to sleep. Water keeps dripping from the bowl to the container as time passes. The design also comprises of a hammer, which is released when the bowl gets empty.

The releasing of the hammer gives birth to a loud yet pleasing sound, which will wake you from deep slumber. One will also be relieved from the constant ticking of the clock, which can be annoying at times. The passing of time is purely mechanical and won’t disturb you while sleeping. Dreamtime Alarm Clock is definitely a great substitute for traditional timepieces. The clock will hang from the ceiling and make sure you start your day with a pleasant note.

Via: Psfk

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