Do you have a green home? Here’s a checklist to know

In this era where we are facing problems like climate change and global warming, designing a green home becomes essential for every homeowner. For developing an eco-friendly home not just provide a healthy environment for residents to live but also help them reduce their carbon footprints and thus, help sustain the environment. Making your home clean and green is not a big deal these days, all you need to be a bit thoughtful and make slight changes in the design of your home as well as your lifestyle. Here we have some simple yet effective tips that you must keep in mind while designing your home.

Buy locally made furniture:

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When buying furniture for your home, homeowners must look for furniture stores and companies that make furnishings made using locally grown woods and other materials. For it will minimize the transportation cost and minimize the environmental impact. Purchasing furniture made from reclaimed or recycled materials locally can also be a simple and effective way to reduce your carbon footprints.

Look for green flooring:

Bamboo flooring

Nowadays, we have all sorts of eco-friendly flooring materials available in different parts of the world. Floorings made from bamboo, glass, cork, and reclaimed wood not just offer a great variety to homeowners but also look unique to allow that environmental feel to contemporary home décor. Moreover, these flooring options are as sleek and durable as other not-so-green flooring alternatives available in the market.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances:


Solar energy panels with wind turbines

Replacing your conventional bulbs with energy efficient lighting is perhaps the safest and most sustainable way to make your home carbon neutral. If possible, you can also use solar power and wind energy to light your home. Purchasing energy star appliances for your home can help you cook your meals quickly and efficiently in the kitchen. So make sure to acquire energy efficient lighting and appliance for your home.

Grow a clean green garden:

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If you have some space in your front yard or backyard, growing an outdoor garden or lawn can help you create a clean, green environment around your home. If you do not have adequate space outdoors, you can go for indoor plants or rooftop gardens to add greenery and freshness to your home. For home gardens help you create a microclimate around your home but also allow fresh air to breathe healthy.

Green homes can be a small but steady initiative to play our role for the betterment of environment or Mother Earth. So keep your green home checklist in order to reduce your carbon footprints sustain the environment.

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