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Environment-smarts to employ when heating your home

by Ecofriend1874

Adopting greener ways to heat your home makes perfect sense in the present times. The green methods are not only environmentally efficient but also have low operation cost, saving you a lot of money for years to come. Here are some of the most effective and efficient ways to heat your home.

Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators

The modern day electric radiators claim to convert 100% electricity into heat. These devices allow you to control many things like being able to heat only one room. With the help of timers, you can heat rooms as long as you desire. These heaters have very less maintenance cost when compared to gas central heating ones. Since most of them are programmable, you can easily plan which room needs heat and for how long, thus you save money with lower power consumption. One more advantage of the electric radiators is that they operate silently, cutting the exasperating noise.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating

Many people are not familiar with this method, although this has been in use for centuries now. In this heating system, pipes are inserted deep into the ground and heat from the underground is brought into your home. A fan circulates warm air in the house, which is actually taken from the hot underground water. This method of heating a house is low cost and perpetual.

Solar Heating

Mid adult man and family sitting on lawn of new house

Mid adult man and family sitting on lawn of new house

Relied upon the sun, solar panels are used to generate electricity since a long time now. Similarly, solar panels are used for heating water at home and establishments. This hot water is used in kitchen, bathrooms and for the central heating systems as well. This method is not very efficient throughout the year, as the sunlight varies. When there is less sunlight, homeowners have to consider other home heating methods.

Micro Combined heat and power (CHP)

Micro Combined heat and power

As the name suggests, the combined heat and power arrangement produces heat and electricity concurrently. In fact, electricity produced by this method is actually a bi-product and the system uses gas to function. The catch here is the high installation cost, making it a lesser chosen method for heating homes.

Under floor heating

Under floor heating

In the wet type of under floor heating, warm water is circulated through pipes in the floor, while heat is produced and stored by woven materials in the dry under floor heating method. Running on electricity, dry under floor heating method is chosen where pipes are hard to lay into the floor. The wet method of heating is cheaper as compared to the dry one.

Although the installation cost of some greener methods of heating your home may be high, but you can save a lot of money in the coming years with these sustainable ways.

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