Seven DIY solar projects you can build this weekend

Solar hot tub

The solar energy has evolved so much over the years that there seems to be no end to this green change. The solar energy is so famous for its green nature and its vast presence. The solar energy is among the most widely used energy sources for producing energy as it is available in nature in vast quantity and also can be utilized on a large scale to produce considerable amount of energy. These days various devices are being made especially to harness the solar energy so that considerable amount of energy can be produced out of it which can be effectively used for various purposes. These projects are used on a wide scale and have resulted in production of high quantity of energy.

Making a DIY project is quite easy and requires just a bit of skills to effectively utilize the solar energy. Some of these DIY projects are really famous and are worth of going for. So here we are with a list of seven DIY solar projects you can build this weekend. Have a look!

1. Garage lights with light-dependant diode (LDR) sensor

This cool and creative project is worth of trying if you find it difficult to maintain the lights in your garage. Now you can make a solar powered light system that automatically turns on the lights in your garage when you drive into it and goes off when you walk out of it. Also this system is incorporated with the solar panels of 12 V, which harnesses the solar energy and provides you light during night time.

2. Solar powered reading lamp

We usually find it difficult to read books at night time as the power is usually low during night and also the devices used to provide light consumes high energy and makes it unsuitable for most of the people out there. So you can prefer making a lamp which uses the solar energy effectively during the day time and stores it for later use. It provides high backup and is worth of trying if you are more into reading stuff.

3. Solar ventilator

There are places in every home which requires proper ventilation system. So what could be better than a solar ventilation system that drives using the energy from sun. This solar ventilation system can be easily made and all you need is a fan and a solar panel attached to it. The solar panels use the solar energy effectively to harness the most out of solar energy.

4. Solar powered gate opener

These days’ people have started preferring electric gates as it makes it easy to operate the huge gates. The worst part of these electric gates is that they require high energy for their operation. So to get rid of high energy bills you can make use of solar powered gate openers. All you need is a powerful solar panel or you can use arrays of solar panels to harness the sun’s energy and then use it as a source to provide energy for the gate opener system.

5. Solar hot tub

The tub is what most of the people prefer for the perfect bathing experience and what could be better than a solar powered hot tub that offers you various temperature of water whenever you need it. Usually we make use of heaters to boil the water but now you have a green source to reach the desired level of hotness for a perfect bath experience. This tub is incorporated with solar panels around it which manages the temperature of the water inside.

6. Solar cooker

The cooking process in house is considered to be one of the most high energy consuming processes. The cooking usually requires high amount of LPG which really costs high. Now here is a green alternative for all the people out there who love cooking. This solar cooker is what you all need. All it needs is the solar energy to perform its operation and the new technology it is developed with harnesses large amount of energy for easy and quick cooking. This cooker has completely changed the way food is prepared these days and is worth of keeping in stock if you want to save your monthly bills.

7. Solar pool covers

The pool covers are actually made out of electric processes which require really high energy to perform its operation. But now the green technology has completely changed this process into an efficient and energy efficient process. The solar pool covers is what will do the complete temperature managing purpose of the pool without even bothering you. Also these solar pool covers are widely available and it is pretty affordable. Also you can make one on your own as it is quite easy to make this solar pool cover.

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