DIY product ‘recipes’ for a green cleaning project

Everyone wants their house neat, tidy and clean.Why not do the cleaning in all eco friendly manners. After all, adopting sustainable living is one-step towards saving the environment. It must have escaped your notice that the cleaners you generally use at home, after purchasing them from the markets are unhealthy for use and harmful for the environment largely. In order to make your house greener to live in, you can opt to use some effective DIY green cleansers.

Homemade wood polish

Homemade wood polish

Why use harmful wood polish when you can easily make your very own wood polish at home, which is eco-friendly as well as cheap. All you need is a locally sourced beeswax and oil, preferably olive oil. Just heat the oil until very warm and then add beeswax to it. You can also add essential oils, such as tea tree oil for disinfecting purposes and pine oil for that typical wooden smell. And, that is it; your very own eco friendly wood polish is ready.

Homemade cleaning wipes

Cut an old t-shirt in squares

The wipes that you purchase from the markets have added chemicals such as bleach and triclosan, which are not good for use, if used for long. But, there is absolutely no need to worry about it anymore. You can make your very own cleaning wipes that are natural, healthy for use and eco friendly. The basic requirements for these are an old t-shirt, sewing machine, packing tape, and few lemons. Cut an old t-shirt in squares. Sew it on the sides and finish the edges. Then submerge them in a bowl filled with water, soap and lime drops. Roll them and store in a mason jar. Rolling these helps grab, one cleaning wipe at a time.

DIY carpet cleaners

cleaning carpet

All you need is baking soda, organic essential oils, and natural liquid soap, to make your organic and homemade carpet cleaner. And you always thought of it as an uphill task, right? Mix baking soda and essential oils, just add the liquid soap to it and then wait it to take the form of a creamy paste. Once it takes this form, it is ready for use. Just apply it to dirty spots on the carpet, scrub it and blot it dry.

Non-toxic drain cleaner

Non-toxic drain cleaner

To make a non-toxic drain cleaner at home, you need baking soda, limejuice, salt, borax, and vinegar. Add limejuice to baking soda, and a pinch of salt, and borax to it. Top it with vinegar, and add hot boiling water. Pour this to your drain and unclog it in an environmental friendly manner.


People are readily adopting eco friendly cleaning methods these days to add more green ideas to their lives and houses for a sustained living.

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