Pointers for recycling your bathroom products properly

Most of us in today’s time are responsible towards adopting green practices in the daily living, in order to contribute our bit towards sustainability. We make sure we recycle and trash waste accordingly, not harming the environment and doing what so ever is needed for saving the global commons.

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Amidst all this, we still end up harming the environment, though very unintentionally. We as individuals meticulously work towards protecting the environment, especially by adopting recycling practices, but the irony is that most of us do not know the right way of doing it. We end up recycling things in a manner that it worsens the environmental situations instead of working in favor of them.

Majority of us are very particular about trashing and recycling our bathroom products, but we should make sure that we do it in the right way, so that it solves the exact purpose, of contribution towards sustainable living. This is how you recycle your bathroom products the right way:

Trashing paper properly

using tissue paper

The largest amounts of paper waste are produced in the bathrooms, which stresses on the fact that it has to be recycled carefully. We often feel that paper is a recyclable product, and we end up trashing it anywhere. This practice is wrong, and one should stop doing this all at once.

We need to understand the logic behind recycling paper, clean and dry paper such as toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes etc are simple to recycle. However, the wet paper has to be dealt with carefully. It should not be tossed in the nearest recycling receptacle because the moisture causes mould growth on the whole batch, making it unfit for recycling.

The best measure for wet paper one can shift to is the eco friendly disposal of it. Using items such as facial tissues, paper towels, and more as brown material, and adding them to your backyard compost is a suitable measure for disposal.

Using plastic with utmost caution

recycle plastic

Make sure you use bottles, which are readily recyclable. Clear PET plastic bottles are most easily recyclable, making it suitable for a green living. Avoid plastic bottles with recycling codes 3, 6, and 7; these are most harmful to human health and are not easily recyclable, making them environment unfriendly. If you want to make your bathroom greener, try to assort bathroom jars and bottles as per their plastic types. Make your own cleansers, using natural ingredients, reuse shampoo bottle and contribute towards making this earth greener.


Recycling and trashing your bathroom waste in a proper manner is very important. The recycling has to be done in manner that it effectively contributes towards adopting greener practices and not worsens the situation in lieu of it.

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