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Diversey and Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

by Ecofriend1874

Pollution and wastage levels are around the globe are so high that we are left with no choice but to develop greener solutions that will help the earth recover. We have changed all aspects of our lives to suit the needs of the earth- our electronics are now more energy efficient that they were ten years ago, we use natural products over chemical ones; we reduce, we reuse and we recycle.


Some of the more harmful things for the environment are often the smaller ones; we clean our homes thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt, mould and bacteria as they could adversely affect our health. These same cleaning products that help us to live healthy are ironically harmful for us in the long run. Since these cleaning products are important for our health, we have to find ways to do so and protect the earth while doing so. The idea is to reduce the energy consumption and the amount of wastage that results from making these products. There are a few steps that you can take to choosing the right cleaning products that will be safe for you and the earth.

Three Steps to Green Cleaning:

The first step is to buy only those products that are safe and sustainable. Cleaning companies can work with their suppliers so that the equipment and cleaning agents can be manufactured using eco friendly ways. This way excess cleaning product that is disposed off will not leech into the soil. Certain agents are banned from use, the names of which are easily available to vendors to help them to stock products that do not contain these agents. Manufacturers can use this information to develop products that don’t have these agents.

The next step is to ask vendors if they have sustainable manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can be more sustainable by minimizing the amount of raw material input and by products of the finished product. A reduction of harmful emissions, in energy consumption and using recycled materials for packaging are some methods for a greener factory.

The third step is to be efficient in the cleaning process; analyze the cleaning tack and pick the correct products that will effectively clean the item. Try to clean as many things at a single as is possible. This will prevent unnecessary wastage of both product and energy. Dilute concentrated products and use them when cleaning, this will reduce the amount of cleaning products that you buy.  Such methods can be used in homes, by cleaning companies and facilities like hospitals, schools etc.

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