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Building Homes the Green Way

by Ecofriend1874
use of sunlight

The global green initiative has also reached our homes; we use energy efficient light bulbs and solar panels to cook our food. We contribute in many small ways to an even larger environmental purpose. If you leaf through some magazines on interior decoration, you will see pictures of homes that have been built with a lot of features that are environmentally conscious.


Recycled Floor Tiles- What’s the Difference?

Building a home can now be achieved by using materials that are earth friendly. Flooring tiles can also be made from recycled materials that are non toxic, they are durable and easy to maintain. So the next time you want to remodel your kitchen floors and countertops, bathroom wall and floor tiles; consider eco friendly tiles that will look great and make you feel like you did your part for the earth. The difference is that recycled materials have proved to last longer than any other type of material used to make floor tiles and panels. Floor tiles are a popular option as they are fire resistant and don’t scratch easily when compared to other flooring material. Floor tiles in a neutral color will not go out of style. Flooring tiles made from recycled materials will last longer and will help you to save on replacement costs. Recycled floor tiles are easy to clean using just about any cleaner that is commercially available and will not absorb liquid and smell bad like floor carpets can. Floor carpets need to be cleaned regularly as they can also collect pollen, dust and mould spores which lead to the development of allergies.

Recycled floor tiles simply need to be mopped and cleaned with floor cleaner once a day. Since they are made from recycled materials in place of chemical materials; they will not release any poisonous fumes into the air the way normal floor tiles do through the out gassing process. Using recycled materials to make floor tile reduces the amount of waste material that is sent to landfills and significantly lowers the cost incurred in mining clay- a material used to make a normal tile. Using recycled floor tiles will also help to reduce fuel usage as recycled products don’t consume much energy during the manufacturing process. But don’t assume that you have to sacrifice on style in order to save the earth! Recycled flooring tiles, aside from the obvious benefits, are also available in a range of colors, styles and designs. Since they are a growing trend in interior decoration, home improvement companies are moving fast to cater this demand.

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