Different types of wood that should be sustainably sourced

Importance of trees

Trees occupy the major source of economy as they are a symbol of ecological cycle and they are frenzied worldwide to adhere lot of benefits. Moreover, the trees use carbon dioxide and gradually act as the major contributor to global warming during the process of photosynthesis. Subsequently, the world’s trees comprise an edge of 638 billion tones of carbon and trees are the only source which connects in an Eco-friendly way. Perhaps the forests tend to purify air, water, and stabilize the soil and mountain slides. Hence forests serve as a home up to 90% to flora and fauna species in the world.

Trees are eco-friendly

Forest sustainably sourced

Typically, with the consumption of wood and paper based products, the forests have started to create a huge impact on the economy resulting in deforestation. This problem can be analyzed in two aspects which are explained below.

1. Sustainability. The forest landscape imputes a balance of economic, social and environmental factors. Consequently, due to wood production, the trees have been removed quickly without considering grow back rates. This activity leads to decline in the social balance of the landscape.

2. Forest conversion and land use change. It is important to know that forest can be radically changed after the logging process. Moreover, the forest can be redesigned for tree production in a way which is totally different from the forest consumption.

Management regime

The United Nations have implemented “Sustainable Forest Management” in order to integrate a balance on social, cultural and spiritual needs of the present and next generation. This management has certain essential aspects to activate in an Eco-friendly way and they are discussed as follows:

1. Economic. One of the main concepts of this management is to support the economically viable forest needs for the present and future generations. Also the SFM concentrates on areas of consumption of trees involved in the process of wood production.

2. Social. The SFM respects the rights of local community people and also the forest workers are protected from few situations such as child labor, discrimination and so on. Further the management indicates that the proper forest use will lead to an enhancement in the ecosystem, bio-diversity and ecological process. To maintain a good ecosystem, various services such as watershed protection, pollination, carbon storage have been manipulated.

Eco friendly way

Types of wood which are sustainable

According to the reports of Forestry Steward Council, wood is considered to an eminent one as it comes from sustainable sources. However, wood furniture absorbs less toxic chemicals and it is the perfect choice to utilize wood in an Eco-friendly way. Subsequently, there are different types of wood which are termed to be sustainable and those are explained below.

1. Bamboo and cane. These woods are highly grown across various countries such as Asia, China, Vietnam and parts of India. It is certain that bamboo and cane are extremely fast growing and it is critical to preserve the wood by way of fertilizers and pesticides. After a period of 4 years, they are ready for harvest and pay huge returns.

Use for making furniture and green house garden

Generally, bamboo is a hard substance and hence it is layered into planks in order to make any furniture or cooking equipment. Cane is used to make attractive garden and beautiful green house furniture with a way to be Eco-friendly with the environment.

2. Mango. It is common that everyone is aware of the mango tree and it is understood that this tree induces a 100% sustainability to its source. Mango trees are grown in enormous plantations across Asia and it is essential to absorb the staple part of a routine diet. This tree will stop its production after reaching the maturity period and so it has to be replanted.

3. Pine. Pine is considered to be a fast growing species in the dense areas and these trees are planted specially for their wood and they can be replanted continuously as they are a sustainable source. Subsequently, across northern hemisphere, pine is one of the best commercial trees in the world and it can be used for making construction materials.

Commercial tree

4. Maple. Apart from all other trees, maple is an excellent fast growing hardwood tree and it has spread its varieties all over the world. Likewise, some of its species can be used for food preparation and steadily this tree tends to be utilized as a recycled waste product for the food industry. Further the maple wood is imputed for many applications such as for making furniture, musical instruments and sports equipment.

Beautiful and sustainable


Therefore, it is better to furnish home by re-using old furniture made of wood with a way to proceed in an Eco-friendly way and to consume the products which are sustainable. There are many countries adopting the concept of Eco-friendly and are actively involved in recycling wood and selling at a lower cost which will definitely increase the awareness of the environment. However, it is necessary to select sustainable wood products for usage as it will be helpful to protect the environment for future generations.

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