Decafé Lamp: Ergonomic lighting installations crafted from recycled coffee grounds

There is obviously nothing more refreshing than to start your day with a cup of coffee. Of course, in the case of some people that refreshing cup of coffee could be a tantalizing cup of tea. Either way, most of us kick start our day with a beverage that hopefully kicks out the early morning blues and in case of some of us, the hangover from the night before. But designer Raúl Laurí has decided to go beyond just a cup of coffee to light up your day and has crafted ‘Decafé Lamp,’ which will actually light up your world.

Creative Lamps Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds

The form of the Decafé Lamp is pretty much inspired by the coffee mug, while the lamp itself is crafted using recycled coffee grounds. The outer shell of this beautiful lamp is crafted using nothing, but used and discarded coffee grounds and it offers a perfect blend of stylish design and sustainable material that have been amalgamated to roll out a pretty simple and efficient eco friendly product. It has also bagged the first place at the recently concluded Salone Satellite Awards at Milan Design Week.

The light itself is like those giant spotlights mostly seen at award functions and we love the fact that they can be angled in various ways to get the lighting of your choice. We wonder if Raúl Laurí is interested in creating a ‘Pendant lamp’ versions of the same design with a little bit of twist. Another beautiful example of how sustainable and green products can stem from the most unusual materials.

Via: Psfk

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