Davis Hall earns LEED gold for eco-friendly features

Since, the industrial revolution the global ecosystem has suffered a lot and has taken some serious damage that can be recovered only if the people living in it taken ecofriendly measures and cultivate ecofriendly lifestyle in a comprehensive phase. In the beginning less amount of attention was provided towards the ecosystem and that is the prime reason that has shown the human beings this day, where they have not only damaged the ecosystem but also have damaged themselves. Moreover, this damage will take long to repair, provided the people adopt certain measures that will help them as well as the ecosystem to heal itself. The measures have already started to be put into effect and this can be apparently seen from the various renovations that are being done in the living habits of the people.

To begin with the renovations it is first required that the people start recycling most of the materials that used to dispose of previously. This helps to preserve the essential natural resources from completely depleting from the face of the earth. Taking an example will provide a better understanding. Here, let us take the example of the ecofriendly paper that is being developed recently. The prime focus is to develop paper by means of recycling and reusing them.  This greatly benefits the ecosystem as the more papers are manufactured by recycling the fewer trees will be cut. This will help in restoring the balance of the ecosystem. This sort of inclination is best seen among the students of Davis Hall, by their efficient participation Davis Hall earns LEED gold for eco-friendly features.


The Endeavor by the students:

The prime contribution here has been provided by the students. The Davis Hall is characteristically a school of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the endeavor shown by its students in helping their institution bag gold certificate in LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is not only notable but also a fitting achievement. The prime reason behind such an achievement is obviously the concern of the students towards the degrading environment and put their bets endeavor in developing preservation means for its resources. However, the first thing i.e. their institution, where they applied their endeavor in making it ecofriendly is noteworthy and much appreciated. Many think developing ecofriendly measures and promote them as well, but they overlook when it comes to apply those measures in their surroundings and make their residences or institutions ecofriendly. It is through their worthy endeavors that Davis Hall earns LEED gold for eco-friendly features.


The renovation applied:

The institution houses lots of facilities that are typically oriented to preserve the natural resources. Notable features are obviously the water efficient reformations in its outdoor premises to capture storm and rainwater, which makes sure that the ground water levels are maintained to the fullest. In addition, the institution houses a small green roof, and the presence of waterless urinals. The bicycle racks are made out of recycling unused materials. Further, the entire facility is designed to be energy efficient with the energy efficient ventilation systems, cooling and heating systems installed. This shows that not only the students but also the facilities have been working on the designs to make the institution as ecofriendly as possible, and it is their remarkable thinking and efforts that Davis Hall earns LEED gold for eco-friendly features. The LEED certification is eventual proof and shows that the institution is taking steps that would help the ecosystem to heal gradually. It is a momentous achievement by the students that will state examples, which will be followed by many in the coming times and help the ecosystem to heal itself gradually.

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