5 Stunning Vacation Destinations

Vacationing is no more a simple affair of merely packing bags and setting across with some cash in your hands. People are becoming increasingly aware about the eco-tourism concept that is building up. People are adding concentrated efforts to add more value to their tourism by making it clean and green. This is not only with the high flyers but the middle class is too making the effort to have a green holiday. Especially, these days, what is adding motivation to the concept is the endeavour of the hotels to make their space for eco-friendly while offering more green services than before! Though hotels these days, whether three star or five stars know the simple demands of going green. Here are some of the best and most stunning hotels in the most stunning destinations that can appreciate for an eco-friendly holiday and hotel trip. Read on…

Siwa Oasis Resort

Never heard of luxury being rustic? The, here is your chance, enjoy a beautiful stay in Siwa resort in Adrere Amellal. With stone and wood by your sides all the time, the environment in this resort is not typically luxurious, rather, it is rustic and has and old world charm. Of course, the amenities and the services are unparalleled. Try this eco-friendly hotel for a completely green experience, less plastics. The rooms are small and dainty, walled with stones and pebbles. The quilts and bed sheets are made of pure organic cotton while the toiletries in their bathroom are pure green as well!


Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa

You must have heard of a resort in the mountain, on the beach, on top of the mountain and also in animal’s sanctuaries and reserves. But it is here is Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa in Queensland, Australia that you get a chance to live in the rain forests, tropical rainforests. Chance on living right in the heart of the ecosystem without worrying it. You can choose from villa rooms to rooms on top of trees. Sounds interesting right? The spa in there is to die for. Pampering in the arms of pure green luxury is a good noble and sound thought. Massage your senses after you see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


Heritance Kandalama

This is a green resort located in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by double UNESCO sites around it, 5th Century AD Sigiriya rock fortress along with the 1st century BC Dambulla rock this resort is in the company of the green forests which make it a unique place. The Ayurveda spa in the resort also offers services for green lovers.



Whitepod in Switzerland is said to be one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world. Set in the heart of the Alps in Switzerland, these white pods are scattered cottages that look like igloos, set amidst snow. This accommodation needs to be booked well in advance while greens inside the pod are worth it. The cabin is heated by solar energy, while the electricity is provided by solar energy as well. At the same time, it offers some of the most amazing views of the Alps.


Chumbe Island Coral Park

This is quite an unknown green resort known only to real lovers of nature attempting to seek clean life everywhere and anywhere. Located in a marine sheltered space the coral park offers a beautiful environment. There are bungalows that are done up with clean and green goods while at the same time they assemble precipitation for sipping. This open air space offers some of the best eco-friendly accommodations if you are looking for one.


Thus, there are many resorts and hotels in the world that try to suit the increasingly growing sections of green lovers

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