Five most creative rainwater harvesting systems

“Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink”. You must have heard this line many times since childhood. Well, time has come when you should take these lines seriously. Figures say, about 18 percent of the world’s total population does not get clean water to drink. Our survival, to be more precise, our existence is on stake. Scarcity of water is not a problem anymore; it has become a challenge for all of us. This is high time to understand the importance of water and start conserving it. Rainwater harvesting is a technique to conserve water and divert it to an underground water source. In this article, we will discuss about the five most creative rainwater harvesting systems that can solve the water crisis to greater extent.


Watree looks like an umbrella when turned upside down. With its enormous area and covershed on the top, the Watree can prove to be very beneficial when it comes to water saving. It was designed by an Australian designer, Chris Buerckner. It can be placed anywhere from the garden, parks to playgrounds. Besides protecting you from the rain, the Watree collects rain drops and transfers them to tanks, which may be located in different places.

Rain chain

When it comes to Japan, they have always excelled in doing things in special and unique way. Rain chain is an example of their creative mind. Through rain water harvesting, ground water level can be increased, and as a result it can prove to be beneficiary to all those who use the same water table. It is a very simple way to fill the ground source with water and increase the water table. Construction of a rain chain may not be eco friendly though, but it can be made so and creative minds are working on it too. It collects rain water and diverts them to rain barrel or some underground source. It is a collective effort that can save the community from water scarcity.


For all those eco-minded homeowners, rainwater harvesting is always a main concern. And with CISTA, capturing rainwater has never been so sturdy and trendy before. The thought of not being eco friendly, as it may spoil the look of your homes, is now old. CISTA changed everything. This system is mainly for people living in urban areas. This creative rainwater harvesting system was designed by a designer’s team at Fig Forty and MOSS SUND Architects. According to them, CISTA can collect up to 100 gallons of rainwater. Moreover, it does not take much space and is made from stainless steel. In the near future, it would definitely be a part of each eco conscious home.


This is really multitasking eco gadget. Eol’aeu not only can conserve water, but also has the potential of generating electricity. Designed by Julien Bergignat, the system can generate electricity which one can use to charge gadgets. The electricity produced can also be used to power your house. The system offers two designed modules – one is collector that collects water and keeps it clean, while the other is wind generator that uses wind and thunder storm to produce electricity. The base has the capacity to store 600 liters water. One can use it either for gardening or purify it and can also be used for drinking purposes.


Waterwall makes rainwater harvesting safe and easy. Waterwalls are walls attached to one surface of a tank made for decorative and water storing purposes. But simultaneously they can also be used for rainwater harvesting. These walls are just like fountains. The main component of such wall is water tank. They are usually bulkier than normal tanks. Despite of its size, it can provide you excellent capacity of nearly 650 gallons being 2 feet wide. It is made up of UV stabilized polyethylene of very high density that does not allow the growth of algae in your water tank. During the rainy season gallons of water can be collected and stored in these tanks for a long period of time without any algae formation.

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