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Tent City: A green modular building system to save your short-term moving costs

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If you are looking forward to a solution for your expanding short-term family needs or personal growth situations, you do not have to worry on spending a huge amount with realtors or moving your complete house to a bigger spot. Here is a short-term solution in the form of this modular building system called the Tent City. Developed by the Japanese design firm named Logos, the Tent City system includes beautiful extendable and movable tents. This system enables you to begin with a small tent that may be used for backpacking purposes and carried anywhere you would want to move to.

A Modular Tent System by Logos

This modular structure can be expanded on the campsite itself, while being developed into a proper tent city. Camping gets to become quite flexible with such kind of a system. Even ordering the new tent pieces for expanding your system is a just a catalog away! Doesn’t it sound convenient? It really is. Not only convenient to stay in, its setup at any place is also very simple. This modular tent system is quite lightweight. You do not need to worry at all about its transportation. Additionally, the complete setup of the Tent City appears to be stylish and colorful.

During the day time, this city would give a cool and sober look, while during the night time, the glowing lights inside these tents would make them shine brightly. The Tent City system is designed while keeping masses in mind so that it can become a useful working model for just anybody who expects further growth. Also, you might not have to move your complete house if you are using this green system. While saving a lot of natural resources and reducing house moving costs, the Tent City is quite friendly to the environment too.

Via: The Pop-Up City

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