Crafting cool automobile sculptures out of e-waste

There is no shortage of electronic waste on the planet and with the way modern gadgets and gizmos are flooding into the market on daily basis, it almost seems certain that we are going to add mountains of it in the decades to come. With every new technological breakthrough there is an advent of the next generation of electronic gizmos that make the old ones obsolete. And most often the obsolete ends up in landfills and sooner or later we are bound to run out of space to dump all this trash. Recycling and reuse are indeed the best ways forward and ‘Recycled Inspiration’ from Ken Swallow is a wonderful representation of the concept.

Featured Maker: Ken Swallow

Ken takes old e-waste and turns it into metallic sculptures of various automobiles. This ranges from bikes that sport a very unique design to trucks made out of computer parts. And he not only makes vehicles of this nature but also birds from other worlds. That of course is the Klingon world from the Star Trek universe. Maybe Sheldon Cooper would find a new friend in Ken Swallow.

The idea of turning discarded electronic components into art pieces is nothing new, but it seems to be getting more and more popular by the day. Artists and sculptors are trying to encourage recycling and reuse through this attractive medium, while also providing new home to some of this metallic scrap. The motorbike here looks really super cool and could totally be part of a wonderful display at home.

Via: Orlandominimakerfaire

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