A low cost air pollution monitor for individuals

Air pollution is the reason for millions of premature deaths across the world. It spreads many lethal ailments like asthma, cancer, lung diseases, etc. among people of all ages. Existing monitoring systems are beyond the reach of common man and can be afforded by the government or big industrial houses alone. Irad Kuhnreich, an Israeli researcher was upbeat about solving this problem and hence came up with a low cost alternative air pollution alert system.

Israel's AirBase Systems

The Technion Institute of Technology graduate Irad Kuhnreich, who got asthma when he was a child, has designed an inexpensive nanotechnology driven air pollution monitor device. The product, marketed by his firm AirBase Systems, is meant for individuals to measure the amount of pollution in an area and regulate the living environs accordingly.

Nanotechnology is the very base of this air pollution monitor, which is the size of two Apple iPhones. This gadget has a 14 inch monitor and composed of a solid state sensor integrated with nanotechnology. The monitor has evolved into a proprietary device that is able to gather data and conveys it to the website via Wi-Fi connectivity.

The wireless system will allow you to view reports and alerts over your mobile as well, once a suitable app has been developed. Kuhnreich has designed the product in company of friends like Liad Ortar, an environmentalist and the former CEO of Greenpeace Israel; and Raviv Yatom, a software whiz and army buddy. The device will soon be available in retail stores for grabs.

Via: Israel21C

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