Contrails carry clues to more eco-friendly flights


Saving the environment is one of the major concerns for people of today and more and more people are realizing their responsibility and coming together for saving this planet. The environment is facing threats from demons such as pollution, deforestation and global warming which have been imposed by us on this planet. It becomes our moral obligation to free this planet from the bad effects they have and people have begun to realize it. The world is joining hands in curbing these issues so that the generations to come can live in a healthy and beautiful environment.



Many companies have adopted eco friendly methods in their production processes and are switching to sustainable and recycled raw materials. People have started to adopt the eco friendly ways of living such as they wear sustainable clothes and accessories and also build their houses in an eco friendly manner. Now you can also save this world by choosing the eco friendly flights. These flights are friendly to the environment in every manner. NASA is contributing a great deal in developing eco friendly flights so that it can help in saving the planet.


The researchers from NASA have started a series of flights by utilizing the agency’s DC-8 in order to study the consequences of substitute bio fuel on the performance of the engine. They are also studying the consequences of the bio fuel on the aircraft generated contrails and emission at altitude. The contrails emitted by the plane on an altitude seem to carry important clues about it being eco friendly and therefore the researchers at NASA are leaving no stone unturned to make the eco friendly flights even friendlier to the environment. The DC-8 engine of NASA is utilizing the conventional JP-8 fuel for jet or else a fifty fifty combination of JP-8 fuel plus a substitute fuel made from hydro processed esters.


This alternate fuel is made from hydro processed esters along with fatty acids that are extracted from the camelina plants. There are actually a lot of instruments that are placed on the top of the jet and these instruments qualify the gases and soot coming out from DC-8 engine. It monitors the manner in which the exhaust plumes change in their composition as they blend with the air and also checking the part that emissions portray in the formation of the contrails.

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