5 Building Materials which are Eco Friendly

Nowadays it is very important to protect the environment in whichever way we can. Protecting the environment around us for our earth’s future is essential and must be done by all individuals and groups in a society. If the environment is not conserved and man continues to harm the environment around him every day, then there is a chance that in the near future there can be catastrophic and irreparable damage to the environment. The signs of this damage have already started showing itself in many parts of the world in the form of climate change, depletion of the ozone layer etc. There has to be a harmony between man and the nature around him and people must use the natural resources around them in an effective manner that will do minimal harm or no harm to the environment.

There are many ways to conserve the environment and all industries can contribute to this effort. The real estate and building industry also can contribute to conserving the environment. While building real estate and homes there are many materials that are used. The concept of “green building” is building a structure in a way that does minimal harm to the environment while still making a building that does not compromise of any parameters.

There are many types of building materials used while building a structure. The following are 5 eco friendly building materials.



1)      Eco Friendly Paints

Paints that are used in buildings can have a harmful impact on environment. Generally very harmful materials which can be highly toxic to human beings and environment are used in paints. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to human beings and environment are used. Eco Friendly paints with low VOC, which are environmentally friendly and not as toxic to the environment and human beings, are eco friendly building materials.


2)      Eco Friendly Insulation

The material that is used for building insulation can be eco friendly in nature. There are various environmentally friendly building insulation materials out there that are as harmful to the environment as some of the traditional insulation materials.


3)      Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are made of natural clay and bricks. As these tiles are made of natural materials they are easily recyclable and environmentally friendly.  The broken tiles can be recycled to make new recycled roof tiles. This is a natural and innovative building material to make the buildings more eco friendly in nature.


4)      Solar Panels and Solar leaves

Solar Panels can be put up on roof tops of buildings and can carry the entire power load or partial power load of the building. This will save electricity and is an eco friendly building material to use while constructing a building. Besides solar panels, solar leaves can also be used. Many times buildings have beautiful ivy growing on walls. Instead of ivy, the walls can be covered by solar leaves which capture solar energy that can be used for energy purposes in the building.


5)      Energy Efficient Lights

Many new buildings are using energy efficient lights like LED lights in the entire buildings. These lights are used in the interiors as well as the exteriors of the building. They last longer and are more energy efficient and eco friendly as compared to traditional lights and bulbs which use more electricity and last for a lesser period of time.

Computer generated image - Green House .

The above are top 5 building materials that can be used by the real estate industry and people planning to build a house should contribute in saving and conserving the environment for the future and making their buildings more eco friendly in nature.

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