Contemporary furniture with an environmental edge in design

Eco-Furniture is must for your eco-home. Here are some of the furniture designs of companies that know the importance of creating sustainable creations.

Bien Hecho furniture

Bien Hecho

Bien Hecho is a company in Brooklyn, New York that makes modern furniture. All of their products are made from locally sourced and salvaged wood as well as recycled products. With his designs, the creator John Randall seeks to make well done furniture that is sustainable.

Some of his other projects were made from an old tree. He offers woodworking classes at his workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays to spread his love of wood.

watermark furniture


Inspired by the growing up in a city where there was a mix of culture and ideas, the people at Watermark created art in the form of utilities. With their attention to detail, they are determined to make a mark in their industry.

They have a firm commitment to using sustainable practices. Watermark has products in some of the best luxury hotels in the U.S.

Skram  furniture


Skram is a company founded in 2001. They are a furniture company that uses a mixture of skills and practices to create products of the highest quality.

To make their furniture, the company uses locally harvest material. As part of their effort to be sustainable, they also make their products very durable. Skram’s products are built to last for years in a society that throws away things too quickly.

Ercol  furniture


What does a company that makes wood furniture use to power their factory? You guessed it, its wood. Their factory is equipped with a biomass boiler that takes care of their energy needs. Their products are meant to last for a long time but they offer reupholstering for when the cushions wear out or when you want a design change.

This sets them apart from a lot of companies that don’t think that far ahead. They refuse to buy timber from anywhere besides North America and Europe, unwilling to play a part in the devastation of rainforests in other parts of the world, and trying to keep their raw material as sustainable as possible.

Nasiri carpets


Of all the products in the world that you thought would be toxic, would carpeting make you list? Many people don’t know that new carpets are home to many chemicals including volatile organic compounds. Do not let the ‘organic’ part fool you. VOC’s are no good and can be harmful to your health.

Nasiri keeps this in mind as they create carpets that use high quality materials and organic materials. The dye they use to add color to the threads are extracted from plants, making the dye more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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